Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indulgences and Paybacks, cub3d

Amid Budget Worries, Bloombo Dicto Finds Jobs for Campaign Staff

Ignoring the implicit vows he has now thricely made to democracy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is using the city's treasury to bestow favors to members of his ill-fated third term campaign, so reports Michael Barbaro of The New York Times.

"...The hirings suggest that while Mr. Bloomberg is calling for a leaner government that reflects the economic downturn, he is finding money in the budget for those who engineered his unexpectedly close re-election.

"In addition, seven city employees who left their jobs to work on the campaign have returned, in many cases at higher salaries. Together, the appointments cost taxpayers more than $2 million in government wages...."

This is the problem when we allow a man to practise the idea that he can purchase elections the way politicians sometimes sell pardons or the way some preacher men get into the "business" of the church -- solely, for purpose of economic gain. Democracy, just like salvation, shouldn't be for sale.

Nothing good will ever come out of the bad karma now forever associated with the way Mayor Bloombrg ascended into his third term. We need a movement to reform this kind of shady government.