Monday, December 24, 2012

Political Spouses And Gender Roles

From City & State :

Earlier this month, a miniscandal erupted over a story with a lurid headline: “The Lesbian Past of Bill de Blasio’s Wife.” The central thesis seemed to be that Chirlane McCray (a.k.a. Mrs. de Blasio) is somehow duplicitous, because as a married woman with two children, she once identified as a lesbian.

Anyone who lived through the sexual revolution or received a liberal arts degree in the last 30 years might have failed to grasp the inherent conflict. Nevertheless, the sensational article strongly implied the existence of a public fraud.

Read more : Mrs. De Blasio And The Pigeonholing Of Political Spouses

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lhota Entry Into Mayoral Race Upsets Carolyn Ryan Over Quinn Tumble From Grace

Now that Joe Lhota is running for mayor, Twitterverse is in apoplexy over Carolyn Ryan's nervous breakdown. That's right, Ms. Ryan is worried that her favourite candidate, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, now will not be such a shoe-in to become mayor. Ms. Ryan is concerned that the business community will abandon Speaker Quinn in favour of Mr. Lhota.

Ms. Ryan recently had lunch with former Mayor Ed Koch, to talk about Speaker Quinn's election strategy.

Indeed, Ms. Ryan has begun a schmear campaign against Mr. Lhota over Twitter. I wonder what her superior editorial bosses at The New York Times have to say about this ?

Whereas Ms. Ryan's reporting may be factual, it is not objective for an editor to be attacking a mayoral candidate over Twitter, when she must supervise and edit the reportage of objective reporters. How is that possible ?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blog Comment Questions Integrity Of NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau

The Devil is a Liar! has left a new comment on your post "Adrian Schoolcraft Whistleblower Retaliation Update - The Snake Pit":

"So says Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, whose office conducted a criminal investigation of the incident together with the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau."

"Together with NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau"

And there is the problem. The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and the NYPD Investigations Bureau is as crooked as it gets. Their main role seems to be tormenting the members of their own department who have angered or annoyed the brass. Look closely at what agencies have busted REAL criminal cops, I.e. gun runners, drug dealers, etc. and it becomes very clear that these criminals are most often caught by outside agencies. State police departments, Federal law enforcement agencies, etc. Rarely does the NYPD's own internal agencies catch real criminals.

Christine Quinn, El Bloombito, y parar y revisar


Desde que se hizo la presidenta del Concejo Municipal, más de 3,7 millones de neoyorquinos se han pasado por el programa de policía de "parar y revisar." ¿Por qué es esto aceptable ? Por que tiene Christine Quinn que hacer todo lo que le dice El Bloombito ?

Únase a nosotros para marchar y exigir que el Concejo Municipal reduce los recursos proporcionados a la policía de Nueva York que permite a la policía para continuar con su práctica inconstitucional de "parar y revisar" a personas inocentes.

Traiga pitos. Nos reuniremos en la calle 74 y la Avenida Roosevelt. Entonces, nos marcharemos a lo largo de la avenida Roosevelt. Y soplamos nuestros pitos contra la programa de "parar y revisar."

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christine Quinn and Stop-And-Frisk : How Am I Doing ?

NEW YORK (AP) — The police practice known as stop and frisk has been part of the New York Police Department's crime-fighting strategy since the early 1990s, but the number of stops shot up in the last decade. The vast majority of those stopped have been black or Hispanic.


Take a 5 seconds to like us on Facebook : Queers Against Christine Quinn

A look at the numbers:


Number of stops: 97,296


Number of stops: 160,851

Demographics: 54 percent of those stopped were black, 31 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 313,523

Demographics: 55 percent of those stopped were black, 32 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 398,191

Demographics: 54 percent of those stopped were black, 32 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 506,491

Demographics: 53 percent of those stopped were black, 29 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 472,096

Demographics: 54 percent of those stopped were black, 31 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 540,302

Demographics: 53 percent of those stopped were black, 32 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 581,168

Demographics: 55 percent of those stopped were black, 32 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 601,285

Demographics: 54 percent of those stopped were black, 33 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 685,724

Demographics: 53 percent of those stopped were black, 34 percent Hispanic.

2012 (first six months)

Number of stops as of June 30: 337,434

Demographics: 53 percent of those stopped were black, 32 percent Hispanic.


Source: New York Police Department and New York Civil Liberties Union

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adrian Schoolcraft Whistleblower Retaliation Update - The Snake Pit

Queens District Attorney Rules That No Crime Took Place When NYPD Retaliated Against Whistleblower Cop Adrian Schoolcraft By Throwing Him In The Psych Ward Of Jamaica Hospital. Only In New York, Kids, Only In New York.

From NYPD Confidential :

Neither the NYPD nor Jamaica Hospital committed a crime when they forcibly took whistleblower cop Adrian Schoolcraft from his home and held him in the hospital’s psych ward against his will for three days.

If you are a whistleblower, how the NYPD treats you is by labeling you an emotionally disturbed person [EDP], and then by throwing you in the Snake Pit.

So says Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, whose office conducted a criminal investigation of the incident together with the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

According to a draft report, which was obtained by NYPD Confidential, Brown concluded that both the police and the hospital doctors acted reasonably because they believed Schoolcraft to be an emotionally disturbed person [EDP]. ...

Read more : DA: No Crime to Throw Cop Whistleblower in Psych Ward

No word, yet, if New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has an opinion about the injustice facing Mr. Schoolcraft. :'(

Monday, December 10, 2012

Stop and frisk in NYC: A decade of rising numbers

NEW YORK (AP) — The police practice known as stop and frisk has been part of the New York Police Department's crime-fighting strategy since the early 1990s, but the number of stops shot up in the last decade. The vast majority of those stopped have been black or Hispanic. A look at the numbers:


Number of stops: 97,296


Number of stops: 160,851

Demographics: 54 percent of those stopped were black, 31 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 313,523

Demographics: 55 percent of those stopped were black, 32 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 398,191

Demographics: 54 percent of those stopped were black, 32 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 506,491

Demographics: 53 percent of those stopped were black, 29 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 472,096

Demographics: 54 percent of those stopped were black, 31 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 540,302

Demographics: 53 percent of those stopped were black, 32 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 581,168

Demographics: 55 percent of those stopped were black, 32 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 601,285

Demographics: 54 percent of those stopped were black, 33 percent Hispanic.


Number of stops: 685,724

Demographics: 53 percent of those stopped were black, 34 percent Hispanic.

2012 (first six months)

Number of stops as of June 30: 337,434

Demographics: 53 percent of those stopped were black, 32 percent Hispanic.


Source: New York Police Department and New York Civil Liberties Union

Grumpy Cat Hospital Closings Meme

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Hospital Crisis Grows

From True News From Change NYC :

Closing of NYU and Bellevue Hospitals Because of Sandy Should Have Been A Wakeup Call That NYC Has A Hospital Crisis.

New Yorkers are Getting Sicker and Even Dying (esp. the poor) Because of A Hospital Crisis Made Worse by the Floods . . . Where is the Pols, Media and Activist Outrage?

Nobody Notices Hospital Crisis Or Sandy's Wake Up Call

With Some Hospitals Closed After Hurricane, E.R.’s at Others Overflow (NYT) Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn had 1,100 more emergency patients last month than in November 2011; the increase was mostly attributed to a hospital shut by the storm. * Hospital in Brooklyn Files for Bankruptcy Protection (NYT) Some New York medical centers are adding extra shifts and converting offices and lobbies into space for patients as emergency room visits surge. * Half of Brooklyn hospitals on life support | Crain's New York Business

The Angry New Yorker's Who Demanded Their Rights is Gone

Where are the Mayoral Candidates on the Hospital Crisis?

Why Is There No Movement To Save These Hospitals Like There Was in 1980 Against the Closing of Sydenham Hospital? 3 hospitals closed in Queens, St Vincent's murdered for a Co-op in Manhattan, 5 hospitals in trouble in Brooklyn. The activist and progressives are all over Facebook and twitter demanding pay for fasttfood workers because it is being pushed by unions looking for membership. It is very stranged that these same activists are silent on the health care needs of many of these workers who depend on the hospital system for all their health care needs. Could it be that the help unions provide the reason the activist are supporting their issues?

Hillary Clinton vs. Christine Quinn

The story that seems to have been intentionally leaked, or planted in The New York Times, that Mayor Michael Bloomberg approached Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run for mayor in 2013 is full of half-truths. First, it was an attempt to saddle Mrs. Clinton in another public office, so that she would not run for president in 2016, a win for Republicans. Second, it was an attempt to make it appear that Mayor Bloomberg was not so invested in electioneering machinations to clear the Democratic Primary field for the mayoralty, so that Speaker Christine Quinn could have an easier time at winning, because, as we all know, the only way that she can win is if a billionaire Republican with his own Super PAC would interfere with the election process.

From The Wall Street Journal :

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg organized an awkward show of unity with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, standing side by side at a press conference Tuesday following reports that he had discussed next year’s mayoral race with Hillary Clinton.

Quinn, of course, is the mayor’s political ally and the potential candidate widely viewed as his favored successor. Bloomberg on Tuesday didn’t confirm or deny a report in the New York Times that he has sought to lure Clinton into the race.

When asked why he recommended that the current U.S. secretary of state consider running for mayor, Bloomberg replied: “Why do you think I encouraged Hillary Clinton to run for mayor? I mean, were you — did you hear me say that?”

“I have run for mayor three times, successfully each one,” he added. “I considered a fourth. Chris [Quinn] and I talked about it. She kept urging me to do it. But I said, ‘No. It’s enough.’ ”

The mayor was joking about running for a fourth term. As he did so, Quinn made a face and motioned with her hand to suggest Bloomberg was talking crazy.

In 2008, Quinn reversed her position on term limits and persuaded her colleagues in the City Council to overturn the law, paving the way for the Bloomberg to run for a third term in 2009. As she pursues an expected mayoral campaign in 2013, her position on term limits will certainly be brought up by her opponents.

On Tuesday morning, however, Bloomberg focused more on extolling Quinn’s leadership. He said her role in the council had been a major factor in his success at City Hall.

The two politicians were speaking at a news conference marking the ground breaking at a 26-acre development on Manhattan’s West Side. During the mayor’s first term in office, he attempted unsuccessfully to win approval to build a stadium at this location — marking one of his biggest setbacks. Quinn, who was not yet speaker, fought aggressively against the stadium.

Bloomberg did not dwell on that Tuesday. “This woman has made an enormous difference in this city,” he said of Quinn. “She’s a leader and I have nothing but respect for her.”

When asked if he’s dissatisfied with the current crop of mayoral candidates, the mayor said: “I don’t know who’s going to run. But if you want to start a fight between me and Chris Quinn, you’re not going to do it. It’s cheap, lousy journalism.”

For her part, Quinn said she thought Clinton would make an excellent mayor. Clinton, a former U.S. senator from New York, is planning to step down as secretary of state next year and is being discussed as a potential Democratic candidate for president in 2016.

“You know, I think Hillary Clinton would excel in any position she ever takes. And why do I say that? Because she has,” Quinn said. “I don’t think there’s anything Hillary Clinton would put her mind to that she wouldn’t do extremely, extremely well — better than maybe anybody else who’s ever done it.”

NYPD Proves Drone Poster Artist Right by Tracking Him Down and Arresting Him

From Gawker :

Essam Attia is the New York street artist responsible for placing fake NYPD ads reading "Drones: Protection When You Least Expect It" around town. In September, he gave a video interview to Animal NY, with his identity and voice obscured, in which he discussed this project and his art in general. Wednesday morning, the NYPD arrested him at home.

The NYDN reports that he's charged with "56 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument, grand larceny possession of stolen property and weapons possession," the last (and possibly worst) charge coming because cops found an unloaded .22 pistol under his bed when they arrested him. On a practical level, Attia was not the most careful art criminal. He signed his work "ESSAM;" and he told Animal that he was a "a 29-year-old art-school grad from Maine, who served in Iraq as a 'geo-spatial analyst.'" It probably did not take an incredible amount of police work to narrow down the possibilities.

Still—great work by the NYPD to prove Essam's point: you are all being watched. Poke humor at the ALL SEEING GOVERNMENT EYE, and it will make you pay. IT KNOWS ALL. In the Animal interview, author Matt Harvey noted, "He agrees that there is an inherent irony in his spoofs: the very fact that the NYPD (which claims to be strongly pursuing him with their 'counter terrorism squad') hasn't caught him yet, is proof that we have not reached a state of Orwellian control."

Ah.... cancel that.

[Photo via Animal]

Still no statement by New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn about whether the New York Police Department will ever put into active use a squadron of unmanned drones against its own citizens, much less about the First Amendment violations stemming from the NYPD's arrest of the street artist.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Abdo Nahmod Under Fire From Medics ; Quick, Somebody Call 911

City medics are demanding the resignation of EMS boss Abdo Nahmod, claiming he mismanaged the response to Superstorm Sandy, reported The New York Post (via

First responders say medical care devolved into chaos as the hurricane’s floodwaters swamped EMS stations and paralyzed ambulances — sometimes stranding medics on their roofs — all because the FDNY failed to follow its own hurricane plan.

Read more : FDNY Medics Calling for Ouster of EMS Chief for Sandy Decisions

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is Michael Bloomberg Gay ?

Search Engines : Inquiring Minds Want To Know

From The New York Times :

One category of question comes up with puzzling frequency in auto-complete: whether a certain person is gay.

Is Elton John gay? Is Paul Ryan gay? Is Michael Bloomberg gay? The question pops up often, too, when starting searches about George Clooney, the Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, the actress Ellen Page, Genghis Khan, several cartoon characters and even the pope.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Stop Closing Hospitals

After years of closing hospitals under the Berger Commission, how wise was it for New York State and City health officials to leave the five boroughs of New York City so vulnerable ?

Who sets the infrastructure budgets for our hospitals ?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ringing Opening Bell at NYC Hospitals

After Hurricane Sandy, the only operating hospital below 57th Street in Manhattan was Beth Israel Medical Center, which was partially-functioning on back-up generators.

North Shore-LIJ CEO Michael Dowling said that Hurricane Sandy showed that there was still an excess of hospitals in Manhattan. Is Michael Dowling advocating for the Berger Commission to close more hospitals in Manhattan, such as NYU Langone or Bellevue Hospital ?

In two short days after Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg raced to ring the "Opening Bell" at the New York Stock Exchange.

The taboo question that the media are too afraid to ask Mayor Bloomberg is : would St. Vincent's Hospital have helped New York City with accepting patients from the emergency evacuations from Bellevue Hospital, NYU Langone, the VA Hospital, and New York Downtown Hospital ? When will Mayor Bloomberg or Mr. Dowling race to ring an "opening bell" of a new hospital for the Lower West Side of Manhattan ?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

NYC Marathon Generators

Mayor Concedes To Critics : Cancels Marathon : What Took So Long ?

Race organisers, including the Rudin Family, the New York Road Runners Club, and ING, used Mayor Michael Bloomberg to be the fall guy for criticism about the city using valuable resources to hold the New York City Marathon. Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg was forced to cancel the marathon after The New York Post reported that at least 41 generators were being hoarded by race officials. Meanwhile, large numbers of New York City residents were rendered homeless with little to no resources for food, shelter, heat, health, or safety in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Bill Rudin Hurricane Sandy Hospital Evacuations and NYC Marathon

Many storm victims were outraged at all the resources, not just power generators, that were being hoarded by marathon organisers for the sole benefit of runners.

"Runners were set to dine on a lavish Saturday-evening pre-race meal that included lemon-thyme chicken with shallot jus, and autumn vegetable bow-tie pasta primavera with extra virgin oil and fresh herbs — which most storm victims would have killed for," reported The New York Post.

"More than 2,000 cops are typically assigned to work the marathon. About five years ago, the city started privatizing medical coverage at the event, although scores of city paramedics and EMTs are still assigned to the race," reported The New York Daily News.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bill Rudin Hospital Evacuations and NYC Marathon Reality Check

Bill Rudin Hurricane Sandy Hospital Evacuations and NYC Marathon

Bill Rudin said that it would be safe to close St. Vincent's Hospital, which was the only Level I Trauma Center and full-service hospital in the Lower West Side of Manhattan. He and his billion-dollar real estate development company got easy building permits, zone-busting waivers, and approvals from New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. At the time, Mr. Rudin and Speaker Quinn said that if people in Lower Manhattan became sick, or if there was a mass civilian trauma event, patients could be transported to Bellevue Hospital, which was the next closest Level I Trauma Center.

But the aftermath of hospital evacuations at NYU Langone and Bellevue Hospitals following destruction by caused by Hurricane Sandy expose the risks of the Rudin Condo Conversion Plan approved for St. Vincent's Hospital.

Note that the NYC Marathon would have three giant electricity generators, which would be used for the media tent, meanwhile, NYU Langone and Bellevue Hospitals had to be evacuated due to backup generator failures.

Watch this NBC News report about the hurricane destruction. Note that Mr. Rudin is a sponsor of the NYC Marathon, and he wants the Marathon to still take place this week-end, even though first responders haven't yet finished recovering all the dead bodies on Staten Island, or, for that matter, ensuring public safety or providing emergency care to the people rendered homeless by the tsunami of the storm surge and flooding.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Does Bloomberg Only Care About Manhattan and the Marathon ?

Noreen, from Dyker Heights, called into NY1 The Call tonight. She said that the impression that people, who live in Staten Island and Queens, where there was major damage from Hurricane Sandy, have is that Mayor Michael Bloomberg only cares about meeting the emergency needs of the people in Manhattan. Noreen also said that Mayor Bloomberg only cares about using the city's limited resources to make sure that the New York City Marathon takes place, instead of helping the rescue and relief efforts of those residents, who are suffering the most, who are on the coastline.

Noreen's call followed an emotional call from Karen, from Tottenville, Staten Island, who said that thieves were dressing up as firefighters and Con Edison workers, so that they can rob items from destroyed houses.

Here is a YouTube video, which shows that Mayor Bloomberg has turned a deaf ear to hospital patients, as well :

When Will Mike Bloomberg Ring Opening Bell For NYU Langone, Bellevue Hospitals ?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Bellevue, NYU, and Coler Hospital Evacuations - Political Accountability

Who is politically accountable for the failure of the emergency management plan in response to Hurricane Sandy that lead to infrastructure failure at New York City hospitals ?

Following the infrastructure failure of critical hospitals in New York City because of flooding and storm surge associated with Hurricane Sandy and related power failures, some healthcare activists began to demand answers for the failure of New York City's emergency management planning. The fault does not lie with the doctors and medical staff at the impacted hospitals ; rather, the politicians in charge of the city's emergency management plan must account for this irresponsible and dangerous situation. How could it be that New York City's resources would prioritise reopening business when critical hospitals could be left in the dark ? One activist has posted a new YouTube video requesting political accountability for the dangerous risks posed to public health by Mayor Michael Bloomberg's lack of real emergency planning.

Video Link :


In the community effort to demand a replacement hospital for St. Vincent's, politicians imposed on the community the burden of participating in a needs assessment to determine if a full-service hospital was required in the Lower West Side of Manhattan.

"The hospital evacuations following the destruction by Hurricane Sandy expose the risks of the Rudin Condo Conversion Plan approved for St. Vincent's Hospital," said Louis Flores, an activist who produced this YouTube video. "New York City needs a Level I Trauma Center and full-service hospital in the Lower West Side for disaster recovery efforts. And New York City needs real resources to improve the infrastructure of all of our hospitals, including Coler Hospital on Roosevelt Island and SUNY Downstate Hospital in Brooklyn."

Hurricane Irene

In 2011, St. Vincent's activists organized a mass civilian trauma event exercise to demonstrate what grassroots community activists described was a major risk to public health : where would sick and injured patients receive emergency and trauma care in the event of a major national disaster under conditions that had created an irresponsible geographic distribution of hospital beds in Manhattan.

See related link :

Hurricane Sandy

In the time leading up to and following the landfall of the effects of Hurricane Sandy, the infrastructure of full-service hospitals on the East Side of Manhattan has failed. Hospital patients were forced to be evacuated from NYU Langone and Bellevue Hospitals.

To Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Speaker Christine Quinn, and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, to City Planner Amanda Burden, Brad Hoylman, Bill Rudin, and to the Partnership for New York, where are New Yorkers supposed to go now, in case of a medical emergency ?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bloomberg 911 ECTP Denial

Related : Related : Hurricane Sandy - Political Accountability For Hospital Evacuations

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, at this morning's late morning press briefing, denied that the inability of the 911 emergency telephone call system to orderly handle all of the emergencies during Hurricane Sandy contributed to any unnecessary injuries or deaths. Mayor Bloomberg said that calling 911 for help would not have saved a man's life, who died when a tree crashed though his house, leading to destruction that killed the man.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lower Manhattan Flooded in 1960 After Hurricane Donna

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1960 Flooding Photograph Lower Manhattan Hurricane Donna New York City

In 1960, Lower Manhattan was flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Donna. Will the same thing happen to New York City after Hurricane Sandy makes landfall ? The risk of flooding is being compounded by the high tides and the Full Moon on Monday, October 29, 2012.

From The New York Times :

The hurricane center said through the day on Sunday that Hurricane Sandy was “expected to bring life-threatening storm surge flooding to the mid-Atlantic Coast, including Long Island Sound and New York Harbor.”

Gov. Cuomo Forces Mayor Bloomberg To Take Hurricane Sandy Seriously

Related : Related : Hurricane Sandy - Political Accountability For Hospital Evacuations

Blogger and activist Suzannah B. Troy draws attention to the mixed messages about hurricane preparedness and readiness. Ms. Troy questions the ability of the 911 emergency call system here in New York City to handle a major emergency, such as a large-scale natural disaster.

Nobody understands how Mayor Bloomberg can expect city employees can show up to work when there is no mass transit due to the suspensions of services by the MTA New York City Subway system, and during what the National Hurricane Center describes as a "life-threatening" storm.

At 11:30 a.m. Sunday morning, Mayor Bloomberg ordered mandatory evacuations of Zone A areas of New York City, but he is only giving the impacted residents a few hours to find shelter. Has Mayor Bloomberg been sleeping on the job, or was he busy with his new Super PAC ?

Meanwhile, here in Queens, it is evident that the City's sanitation workers were not told to clear the garbage on the streets, to minimize flying objects during the hurricane wind gusts.

Are we heading for a repeat of the way that the Sanitation Department was overwhelmed in the aftermath of the post-Christmas Blizzard of 2010 ?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Flushing Meadows Corona Park Jilted Again

A hedge fund manager, who was implicated in a controversial scheme involving mortgage investments packaged by Goldman Sachs, has donated $100 million for the preservation and beautification of Central Park, because, in the Manhattan-centric worldview of New Yorkers, it may not matter that Flushing Meadows Corona Park may be destroyed by zone-busting real estate developers.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bloomberg Invokes Red Scare Against Elizabeth Warren

Mayor Michael Bloomberg called Elizabeth Warren, "God’s gift to regulation." How can any Democrats support Michael Bloomberg, when he throws the Democratic Party under the bus ? Mayor Bloomberg even invoked "socialism" against Ms. Warren and the "U.S.S.R." to spread the typical unfounded Republican fears against Democrats.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bloomberg starts Super PAC to distort democracy across USA

New York City billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he would be creating his own “super PAC” to funnel over $10 million in campaign donations to distort elections, much like he funneled money to distort prior elections.

Blogger and artist Suzannah B. Troy posted that Mayor Bloomberg wants to "buy more elections."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Secret Stop And Frisk Recording - Viral Video

The Nation magazine published a secret recording of a Harlem teenager getting stopped-and-frisked by NYPD. The YouTube video of the recording has now gone viral, with over 500,000 hits.

Read the full story at : Stopped-and-Frisked: 'For Being a F**king Mutt' [VIDEO]

Remember, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn support NYPD Commissioner, who supports the controversial "stop and frisk" policy.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bloomberg LP Parental Leave Policy

What is the parental leave policy at Bloomberg L.P. ? After the EEOC maternity discrimination case was dismissed, has Bloomberg L.P. gone back to cave man times ?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NYPD Freedom of Information Request

I filled out the NYCLU form letter to request any records that the NYPD has on me, and the NYPD has declined to answer my request.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Judge Rules That NYPD Made Illegal Arrests During 2004 GOP Convention

Judge Rules That The Mass Arrests Carried Out By The Bloomberg Administration During The 2004 Republican National Convention Were Illegal

Federal District Court Judge Richard J. Sullivan has ruled that officers with the New York Police Department illegally arrested large numbers of protesters at a demonstration on Fulton Street in Downtown Manhattan during the 2004 Republican National Convention, The New York Times has reported.

Judge Sullivan's ruling faulted the Bloomberg administration for having "lacked the required probable cause because the police were unaware of whether each individual protester had broken the law," The Times reported.

“With this ruling,” said Christopher T. Dunn, a lawyer with the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), “the time has come for the city to put this controversy behind it, to settle the rest of the convention cases, and to make sure that mass arrests never happen again here.”

Mr. Dunn noted that the judge had “emphatically rejected the city’s claim that it could make mass arrests of protesters.”

The NYCLU represents some of the activists, who were arrested.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sign Petition to Fire Deputy Inspector Ed Winski

Sign the petition that calls on Commissioner Raymond Kelly to fire Deputy Inspector Ed Winski.

Systematic suppression of the Constitutional rights of lawful political activities of activists, politicians, and journalists to observe police actions against Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Deputy Inspector Edward J. Winski, on orders from City Hall : Mayor Michael Bloomberg and approval (either tacit or express) by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn engages in use of police force, misuse of authority, no professional, lack of respect and courtesy, not to mention abridgment of the Constitutionally-protected Freedoms of Speech and Assembly, to thwart the lawful political activities of citizens. Note how police officers selectively pick activists from within a crowd and use force to make false arrests. One person also provides testimony that a legal observer is arrested by the NYPD.

Sign the petition that calls on Commissioner Raymond Kelly to fire Deputy Inspector Ed Winski.

In this video, some activists deliver first-hand witness accounts of Deputy Inspector Winski misusing his official authority for the sole purpose of interfering, thwarting, and destroying the rights of these activists. The intent of Deputy Inspector Winski can solely be to destroy any chance activists have to peacefully and lawfully assemble and express themselves.

According to the video's description on YouTube, the above video was filmed on September 15, 2012 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., and it shows "some of the major events," which took place during livestreamer Luke Rudkowski's live broadcast at the "Occupy Wall Street #S15 action."

And no amount of independent monitoring, oversight, community regulation, not even the existence of the Civilian Complaint Review Board or Internal Affairs investigations, can correct the abuse of authority when it is ordered by and/or is carried out with the tacit or express approval of the politicians, who give orders to NYPD. Here is past evidence about how Deputy Inspector Winksi and the NYPD have misused their authority against peaceful and lawful #OWS activists, I'm sure this can't be the rest of it.

To change the system, you have to join community organising efforts to challenge the oppressive conditions, which violate citizens' rights, and this includes taking action to vote out of office the politicians, who give these orders to NYPD.

Sign the petition that calls on Commissioner Raymond Kelly to fire Deputy Inspector Ed Winski.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bloomberg Supports Fracking

NYPD Arrest Protesters at Occupy The Pipeline demonstration ; Mayor Michael Bloomberg Promotes Fracking, Drinks His Water In Bermuda

NEW YORK, September 6, 2012--At the 8:30 am protest against construction of a Spectra fracked gas pipeline at Gansevoort and Hudson River Parkway, Monika Hunken and Sandra were arrested by the NYPD.

They were among five activists who climbed over the low concrete barricade surrounding the drilling site and sat down in the dirt in front of a backhoe, thus blocking the machine from operating ; at first Hunken announced that they would leave the pit, but then she and Sandra Coponen changed their minds and returned to the pit facing arrest. The backhoe was adjacent to the drilling rig itself, which was fenced in by a high wire mesh fence. The rig had been in operation prior to the sit-down action.

The Spectra pipeline is delivering Marcellus shale potentially radioactive gas containing native radon; in addition, the hydrofracking process pumps 5 billion gallons of water laced with 600 toxic chemicals into the shale to extract the gas. The Henry Hudson Parkway is owned by the state and not the city ; Mayor Bloomberg's supposed "girl-friend" Diana Taylor known for her involvement with Bloomfield Properties graces the board of Hudson Parkway, too. The Spectra pipeline will run in the vicinity of a children's playground in the West Village. In the interests of clean air, clean water and public health, activists are urging Governor Cuomo to step up to the plate and ban hydrofracking in New York State and Mayor Bloomberg not to enable its arrival and dissemination In New York City.

Filmed by Liza Béar. Press inquiries:; 646-246-1869.

Update : Protesters Arrested September 12, 2012, trying to block Spectra fracking pipeline construction.

Friday, September 14, 2012

NYPD To Put Up ID Checkpoints To Thwart OWS Anniversary

By putting up barricades and security checkpoints all over Lower Manhattan, which has not been done since 9/11, is this how the NYPD thinks it is going to serve and protect us ? Is it trying to protect us from our own Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech ?

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2012 Police State Watch: NYPD to Install Checkpoints, Demand ID in Lower Manahttan on OWS Anniversary Since when are Americans required to carry and show ID to the police to go about their daily business? Apparently since the 1% became sufficiently afraid of the 99% so as to regard the Constitutionally-guaranteed rights to assembly and free speech as security threats. This notice gives a flavor of what to expect for the September 17 celebrations of the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street (click to enlarge; hat tip nathan):

2012 09 14 Pace NYPD ID Checkpoints for Occupy Wall Street Anniversary

Original Source : Police State Watch: NYPD to Install Checkpoints, Demand ID in Lower Manahttan on OWS Anniversary

Intermediary Post : Suzannah B. Troy : Occupy Wall Street Alert Police State Watch: NYPD to Install Checkpoints

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tom Doherty John Haggerty

Three former members of the Pataki administration created a legal defense fund for John Haggerty, the Queens political operative convicted of stealing nearly $1 million from Mayor Michael Bloomberg through an elaborate money-funneling operation through the Independence Party, Celeste Katz reported. Tom Doherty, one of the former government officials, who is not a political consultant, serves as the trustee for the legal defense fund.

Bloomberg Cuomo Bickering Delays Completion of 9/11 Museum

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are bickering with each other, over who is going to be the boss of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, The New York Times has reported.

"Aides to Mr. Bloomberg and Mr. Cuomo have so far been unable to resolve their differences over which government agencies will pay the operating costs of the museum, which is intended to document the terrorist attacks of 2001 and honor the nearly 3,000 victims. The two sides also remain at odds over who will have oversight of the museum and the surrounding memorial."

The infighting means that the 9/11 museum will not be open in time for this year's anniversary of the September 11 attacks, or even in time for next year's anniversary.

The on-going disputes between Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo may delay the completion of the 9/11 museum, so much so that The New York Times estimates that construction on 1 World Trade Center, formerly known as the Freedom Tower, may be finished in early 2014 -- before the 9/11 museum can be completed.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

NYPD Are Getting Ready For Mass Arrests For OWS Anniversary

The blogger and artist Suzannah B. Troy rode her bicycle past a battallion of NYPD officers earlier this afternoon. Ms. Troy speculated that the police are practising to make mass arrests in the upcoming Occupy Wall Street anniversary demonstrations. The police must be on strict orders from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Commissioner Raymond Kelly to thwart the First Amendment rights of activists, again. This is how Mayor Bloomberg runs this city : with a heavy hand with his own private army.

Here is Ms. Troy's original post :

Michael Bloomberg Handschu Agreement

Note how NYPD filmed the evacuation of Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park :

Are NYPD Intelligence Division violating terms of the Handschu Agreement ?

On September 6, 2012, activists against the Fracking Pipeline that is proposed to run through the West Village organised a demonstration along the West Side Highway. At that protest, a white shirt police officer was caught video taping lawful political activities of the protesters. If the protesters were only engaged in lawful political activities on September 6, as it surely does appear, then does the monitoring of the protesters by the NYPD not violate the Handschu Agreement ?

The Handschu agreement is a court ruling from the case Handschu v. Special Services Division, 605 F.Supp. 1384, affirmed 787 F.2d 828, that brought about guidelines that regulate police behavior in New York City with regard to police monitoring of citizens' political activity (Wikipedia).

A large coalition of activist groups accused police of compiling information to punish and repress lawful dissent, according to Wikipedia.

For the last year, the NYPD and the Bloomberg administration have been monitoring the Occupy Wall Street movement since before activists began their occupation in Liberty Square. In 2011, NYPD used camcorders to videotape protesters during a march against the execution of Troy Davis. On one occasion, in 2012, Occupy activists caught the NYPD engaged in monitoring the lawful political activities by #OWS.

Because New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gives direct orders to NYPD, what kind of approval has he made about any illegal monitoring acts by the New York Police Department ? Does this video appear to show that NYPD Intelligence Division assault reporters, block news cameras, and attack the Freedom of the Press to benefit Mayor Bloomberg ?

NYPD Confiscate Protest Sign

From YouTube :

"Filmed September 1, 2012, 5.55pm, Outside the 24 hr protest of Trinity Church. I saw Captain Timoney walking down the street scanning the protesters up-and-down looking for something. He then stopped, and tried to get the attention of some patrol officers standing across the street. And when nobody came, he walked over to issue orders to the cops to..... take a cardboard box with political messaging on it. Justin Stone-Diaz tells us the backstory to this."

Remembering Lady Liberty on 9/11

15 Dead From Engine 54/Ladder 4/Battalion 9 At World Trade Center

A replica of the Statue of Liberty that came to be called "Lady Liberty" was placed outside the firehouse of Engine 54/Ladder 4/Battalion 9 in Midtown. That firehouse lost 15 of their men at the World Trade Center on 9/11. The memorial Lady Liberty statuette became adorned with ornaments and tribute by people paying respect to the 15 fallen first responders from FDNY and the other heroes of that day. (National 9/11 Memorial Museum)

Lady-Liberty-9-11-Tribute-to-FDNY-Engine-54-Ladder-4-Battalion-9, A replica of the Statue of Liberty that came to be called "Lady Liberty" was placed outside the firehouse of Engine 54/Ladder 4/Battalion 9 in Midtown. That firehouse lost 15 of their men at the World Trade Center on 9/11. The memorial Lady Liberty statuette became adorned with ornaments and tribute by people paying respect to the 15 fallen first responders from FDNY and the other heroes of that day.

NYPD Shoot Man Running For His Life Outside Bronx Bodega

Police are investigating why an NYPD Officer shot and killed an innocent Bronx bodega worker early Friday morning. The worker, named Reynaldo Cuevas, was 20 years old, and and pronounced dead at the hospital. PIX11 News was told there were at least two gunmen who were attempting to rob the store before police arrived. (WPIX-11)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bloomberg Attacks Freedom of the Press

Mayor Bloomberg takes the subway periodically, about once a month according to his staff, so that he can be with the people. Unfortunately he picked the day when and reporters were outside City Hall. The ride lasted about 15 minutes and Luke, Tom, Nate and several other concerned citizens used every minute to bring up questions from parking tickets to 9/11.

Vito Lopez Supported Bloomberg Term Limits Expansion

Brooklyn Political Boss Vito Lopez supported New York City Mayor Michael Bloom-berg's move to overturn term limits in 2008.

(Credit : Dana Rubinstein via Capital New York)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are Bloomberg, Kelly, and NYPD Lawless ?

The New York Police Department may be involved in some unlawful activities, reported Jason Leopold and Matthew Harwood on Truthout. (If the NYPD has become lawless, then are social movement activists being targeted for silence and arrest to prevent government reforms that would hold police accountable ?)

According to an e-mail that was leaked by Anonymous, a high-ranking FBI official repeated information on a what appears to be an official listserv :

I keep telling you, you and I are going to laugh and raise a beer one day, when everything Intel (NYPD's Intelligence Division) has been involved in during the last 10 years comes out - it always eventually comes out. They are going to make [former FBI Director J. Edgar] Hoover, COINTEL, Red Squads, etc look like rank amatures [sic] compared to some of the damn right felonious activity, and violations of US citizen's rights they have been engaged in.

During the last 10 years, Michael Bloomberg has been mayor and Raymond Kelly has been commissioner of the police department.

Are citizens living under laws of order that do not apply to police ? These and other important questions are raised from the information, which was contained in an e-mail sent to Fred Burton, a former counterterrorism official at the State Department, who is now an intelligence officer at Stratfor.

Read more : Hacked Intel Email: NYPD Involved in ''Damn Right Felonious Activity''

Monday, September 3, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Was NYPD Responsible For All Innocent Bystander Shootings Outside The Empire State Building Today ?

Confirmed on NYTimes: Bystanders Hurt in Manhattan Were Hit by Police Gunfire

Confirmed on CNN: Police gunfire responsible for wounding all 9 innocent bystanders in Empire State Building shooting in New York

Rumors are flying around that all of the innocent bystanders, who were shot outside of the Empire State Building this morning, were not shot by bullets from the the shooting suspect, Jeffrey T. Johnson -- who was shot dead by police -- but by bullets shot by police. Not yet confirmed, but I heard this from a very reliable source. I wonder how this will change the narrative of today's story of a disgruntled ex-employee shooting indiscriminately at the throngs of crowds outside the Empire State Building ?

From The New York Times, the police description of the firing of the bullets seems to indicate that the only people shooting their weapons outside the Empire State Building were police officers, not the lone gunman, Mr. Johnson :

The Police Department’s chief spokesman, Paul J. Browne, said one witness had told investigators that Mr. Johnson had fired at the two officers, “but we don’t have ballistics to support that.” Mr. Browne said “it’s possible” that the officers had shot him before he could return fire.

One officer fired seven times, the other nine times, Mr. Browne said.

According to the Associated Press, the NYPD has so far admitted that some of the innocent bystanders were struck by bullets or bullet fragments shot by the responding police officers, but the story has not yet been fully told : if the gunman Mr. Johnson did not fire his weapon, that means that the collateral damage that took place today was as a result of "friendly fire."

Bloombo Dicto NYC IT Project Corruption Fall Guys - To Be Announced !

Mike Bloomberg is Trying to Brush the Billion$ in IT Tech Fraud and Corruption Under the Rug of TBA Political Fall Guys

Angry that huge IT projects were exposed to be sources of billions of dollars of corruption, the Bloomberg administration has found a political escape hatch : they are going to outsource all scandalous IT projects to a new quasi-governmental entity that will operate free of regulation and oversight. How is this going to fix corruption ?

The new entity, being described as a new “NYC Technology Development Corporation” by The New York Times, will become responsible for all the IT projects [like CityTime, NYCAPS, and the new 911 emergency dispatching system, which is also called the Emergency Communications Transformation Program (ECTP)], which have "raised questions about one of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s perceived strengths as a billionaire who made his money through technological innovation," The NYTimes reported.

Deputy Mayor Caswell F. Holloway, who spearheaded a review of the city’s technology woes, is hoping that the new entity would shift political responsibility away from Mayor Bloomberg for some of the mega-huge corruption scandals, which have been being investigated by U.S. Attorney Preetinder Bharara.

Harvey Robins, who was operations chief for Mayor David N. Dinkins and who reorganized several city agencies, told The NYTimes that the immediate effect would be to distance Mayor Bloomberg from future technology problems. “It’s a headache,” Mr. Robins said, “and he doesn’t want the headache anymore.”

Read More : Bloomberg Administration Sets Up a Corporation to Protect Mayor From Tech Projects Corruption Scandals

Related : Politically-edited report predicts danger in New York City's 911 scandal-ridden emergency response system [Emergency Communications Transformation Program (ECTP)] (Gothamist)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Council Redistricting In Exchange For Campaign Endorsements ?

Are Speaker Christine Quinn and Mayor Michael Bloomberg Engaged In An "Endorse-to-Play" Quid Pro Quo Over The City Council Redistricting ?

Council Redistricting Corruption Silence

From True News From Change NYC, written by Gary Tilzer :

Many of his fellow reformers felt that Citizens Union puppet general Dick Dadey sold out last year when he supported Albany's compromise to put off independent redistrict for 10 years. But nothing can compare to Dadey and the rest of the goo-goos, editorial boards', and reformers' silence on the corruption going on with the City Council redistricting operation. For starters, the appointed council redistricting commission is controlled by two people supporting Quinn for mayor in 2013 : the council speaker herself and her puppet master the mayor. Although the redistricting commission work has just begun, there are already reports that county bosses Crowley and Lopez, ethic and minority leaders are already dealing with Quinn operatives to cut districts favorable to them or those they support in exchange for their endorsement for Quinn's 2013 mayoral bid.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NYPD Muslim Spying Program Has Been A Total Waste

AP : The NYPD spying program on Muslim led to no leads or any terror cases

The Demographics Unit at the NYPD was the central command of the Bloomberg administration's police spying program, the Associated Press reported. The Demographics Unit was "built with help from the CIA, which assembled databases on where Muslims lived, shopped, worked and prayed." The NYPD spies "infiltrated Muslim student groups, put informants in mosques, monitored sermons and catalogued every Muslim in New York who adopted new, Americanized surnames."

"Police hoped the Demographics Unit would serve as an early warning system for terrorism. And if police ever got a tip about, say, an Afghan terrorist in the city, they'd know where he was likely to rent a room, buy groceries and watch sports."

In testimony provided in a June 28 deposition as part of a longstanding federal civil rights case, NYPD Assistant Chief Thomas Galati said that none of the conversations the spying police officers overheard ever led to a case. "Related to Demographics," Galati testified that information that has come in "has not commenced an investigation."

"The NYPD is the largest police department in the nation and Mayor Michael Bloomberg has held up its counterterrorism tactics as a model for the rest of the country," according to the AP report. ... "Galati testified as part of a lawsuit that began in 1971 over NYPD spying on students, civil rights groups and suspected Communist sympathizers during the 1950s and 1960s. The lawsuit, known as the Handschu case, resulted in federal guidelines that prohibit the NYPD from collecting information about political speech unless it is related to potential terrorism. Civil rights lawyers believe the Demographics Unit violated those rules." ...

Read more : AP : The NYPD spying program on Muslim led to no leads or any terror cases

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Regret Over Bloombo Dicto's Third Term

New Yorkers Are Tired Of Mayor Bloomberg

New Yorkers are having second thoughts about Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s third term.

With less than 18 months to go in Mr. Bloomberg’s unexpectedly long mayoral tenure, nearly three-quarters of New Yorkers said Speaker Christine Quinn should not have overturned term limits to allow Mayor Bloomberg and other politicians to run for a third term, according to the latest poll by The New York Times.

Mr. Bloomberg, having persuaded the City Council to approve a change in term limits that paved the way for his re-election in 2009, has presided over city government for more than a decade ....

Here's a round-up of some of the low-lights of Mayor Bloomberg's three terms : trying to close firehouses, shut down senior citizen centers, cut childcare, layoff teachers, avoid missing votes, build luxury condos on the hallowed ground of St. Vincent's Hospital, make money from government information, and end Progressive Era reforms.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bloomberg-Quinn's Budget Has A Hole Innit

From True News From Change :

Just weeks after Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn celebrated their inside budget negotiation deal, acting Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron issued an opinion that put a stop to the mayor's taxi medallion revenue plan for the Fiscal Year 2013 budget. The court ruling creates a $600+ million hole in the Bloomberg-Quinn budget.

... At issue is a law, passed in February, allowing New York City to create a new fleet of 18,000 lime-green "borough taxis" to service the outer boroughs and Upper Manhattan, where regular yellow cab service is a rarity.

That same bill also allowed the city to auction off 2,000 wheelchair-accessible yellow cab medallions, which were expected to garner more than $1 billion for the city's budget and also vastly improve the fleet's ability to serve passengers in wheelchairs. As the fleet now stands, there are only 233 wheelchair-accessible yellow cabs. ... (Capital New York)

Mayor Bloomberg warns of layoffs after judge shoots down outer borough taxi plan (NYDN) Judge's decision creates $1.46 billion hole in the budget, including $635 million for this fiscal year.