Sunday, December 27, 2009

Morgenthau blasts Bloombo Dicto

Morgy's final swipe at Mike


Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau is going out with a bang, blasting Mayor Bloomberg for breeding sycophants and President Obama for fantasy foreign policy as he cleans out his desk.

Bloomberg "thinks all lawyers work for him" and "doesn't want anybody around who doesn't kiss his ring, or other parts of his body," Mor genthau, 90, told The Wall Street Journal in a fiery exit interview over the weekend.

A mayoral spokesman told The Post, "Morgenthau's comments are bizarre and we're not going to respond to them."

The legendary prosecutor, who will leave office on Thursday after 35 years, told the Journal he has maintained a good relationship with every mayor since Abe Beame -- except for Mayor Mike.

Tensions between the high-powered personalities flared again this month after Bloomberg accused Morgenthau's office of hiding tens of millions of dollars in secret bank accounts that are not registered with the city comptroller's office.

Morgenthau said Bloomberg was making "chicken-s- - - comments" about his office and said the controlling mayor just wants him to stop giving money to the state and turn over all money he recovers from criminals to the city.

Morgenthau also blasted President Obama's attempts at diplomatic relations with Iranian leaders.

"The president is smoking pot or something if he thinks that being nice to these guys is going to get him anywhere," said Morgenthau.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MTA ruins lives

Since every hard-working taxpaying citizen of NYC depends on the MTA to get to work, what does Mayor Bloomberg have to say about how the MTA keeps jerking us around ? While the mayor goes around slashing the budget of the office of the Public Advocate, and goes trolling around the office of the Manhattan District Attorney, it is the MTA that keeps “surprising” New Yorkers with its “unknown” yet “constant” budget shortfalls. It is the MTA, which has the biggest potential of ruining the family and household budgets of the average worker, this during the worst financial recession in my lifetime. Mr. Mayor, you ran for a controversial 3rd t3rm, now do something for the benefit of all New Yorkers. Raid the 2 sets of books that the MTA keeps.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bloombo Dicto creams on Protesters

Occupants in the building across from where Michael Bloomberg's campaign office is situated poured an unidentified white liquid on protesters, who had gathered to demonstrate against Bloomberg's ill-fated campaign for a third term. The protesters initially believed the unidentified substance to be egg whites. Because of the way the substance ran down on the protesters' clothing, the substance was later believed to be milk.

While the demonstration was small in scale, the exact motive behind the harassment was unclear. It was also not immediately known who was responsible for battering the protesters with the unidentified liquid, but the the police who were on site primarily focused on keeping the protesters away from Bloomberg's campaign office. One protester described the impact of the protesters having had what was believed to be milk poured on them as being, "cruel."

The unfortunate occurrence of this incident is, sadly, just in keeping with the assault on the freedoms of speech and assembly under Bloombo Dicto. It is as if this mayor, under his continuing decrees and fiats, carlessly and recklessly cares naught for the rights of all people to participate in the governance of this city. The London Independent, a publication free from the local bias and partiality of New York City politics, was able to deduce of its own accord that the method used by the mayor and the New York City Council to overturn term limits could appear as, "chicanery to some."

But why should we be surprised ? The mayor is running a campaign based naught on the issues but solely on the Hollywood celebrity endorsements of Matt Damon. At the end of the day, we hear Mike Bloomberg, King of New York, proclaim to the City: "I obscenity in the milk of thy opposition to my mayoral dictatorship."

This post was corrected from its initial version, due to information concerning the location of the protesters.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Celebrity endorsement that makes us puke

OMG. I might consider voting for Michael Bloomberg if he gets the celebrity endorsement of Paris Hilton. That would really mean that Mike must be a good politician, because I'm too dumb to think for myself, and so consequently, I only cast my votes based upon the opinions of celebrities and *naught* based on the issues (like marriage equality, respect for term limits, and the collapse of our city infrastructure, etc., over the last 8 years).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Deep pockets buy campaigns

Bloombo Dicto has a reputation for arresting election protesters, changing the election laws to satisfy his hunger for power, minimising his political opposition, allegedly engaging in election intimidation, and buying influence with his campaign war chest. Welcome to a 'new' New York -- Iran style.

Bloomberg Sets Record for His Own Spending on Elections

"Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has spent $85 million of his own money on his latest re-election campaign, more than anyone in U.S. history," The New York Times has reported.

"Newly released campaign records show the mayor, as of Friday, had spent $85 million on his latest re-election campaign, and is on pace to spend between $110 million and $140 million before the election on Nov. 3," the report also showed.

"And no one sees this as the death of democracy?"

Even after considering all of Mayor Bloomberg's "blemishes," The New York Times can still twist the facts and rationalise that 4 more years of Bloomberg will do us good.

After the 8 almost parallel years of the combined Bloomberg-Bush administrations, I think we've regressed to the point where almost nobody dares tell the emperor-dictator that he is wrong.

Bloomberg fines Thompson's campaign

Thompson fined over street posters

NEW YORK -- "The City of New York has fined mayoral candidate Bill Thompson nearly $126,000 for putting up campaign posters on city property.

City rules bar candidates from hanging posters and fliers on public property and the Sanitation Department says its workers regularly rip down unauthorized material.

So far, the Thompson campaign has been ticketed 1,677 times over such postings.

Campaign spokesman Mike Murphy suggested that incumbent Mayor Mike Bloomberg was behind the ticket-writing effort."

Make a pledge today to support Roots of Betrayal : The Ethics of Christine Quinn on Kickstarter.

Bloomberg opposes free speech

Freedom of Speech doesn't exist under Mike Bloomberg's version of New York.

"Shocking video clips of police brutality and arrests during the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City. Mayor Michael Bloomberg directed the NYPD to stifle Constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of assembly by stopping any 'protests' that may embarrass George W. Bush and the Republican party. Clips in this video are two days before the Convention even began, when police arrested 250 people during the Critical Mass bike ride, a non-partisan event which has occurred every month since 1994. Even more shocking, many of those being arrested had nothing to do with the bike ride, but had the misfortune of crossing the street while this was happening. Clips are from the documentary 'Watch This!' by Glass Bead Collective released under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC) license."

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Bloomberg sleeps during Veteran's Day

The city that never sleeps -- and the mayor who, in 2007, does.

Ready for his close-up.

After arriving late, the lovely Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York, sleeps during a 2007 ceremony marking Veteran's Day.

Photo credit:
Jill A. Pall

In 2009, Bloomberg still sleeping on job.

In this photo, Mayor Bloomberg slept through part of Game 1 of the World Series.

Photo credit: The Sports Hernia

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bloombo Dicto to New Yorkers: 'Die Quickly'

What is perhaps New York City's last public clinic that treats adults who suffer from sickle cell anemia is rumoured to be closing.

In another sign that ruthless mayoral dictator for life Michael Bloomberg doesn't give a shit about New Yorkers, an anonymous tipper has submitted information to me that indicates that adults who suffer from sickle cell anemia have perhaps only one city clinic, where they can receive medical treatment. Now, that clinic is slowly unwinding its operations and is rumoured to be closing under Bloomberg's budget.

First firehouses, then the office of Public Advocate, then post offices, and now the clinics that underpin the health of our family, friends, and neighbors : Bloomberg is sick to think that it's O.K. to deny healthcare to New Yorkers, who are vulnerable to illness and disease. I hope everybody is beginning to see clearly how he shows no compassion or remorse when he does away with the important services that we all need.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) warned Americans that, "If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly."

Stop Bloomberg Now !

ubetter look b4u vote 4Mike Bloomberg (Reprise)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lipstick on your collar (Reprise)

Bloomberg, Bloomberg !
You can't hide !
We know you're on
the Republicans' side !

This morning, the e-mail message I received in my inbox said that voters in New York City are going to "make compromises," thereby creating a justification in their minds that it is O.K. "enough" to re-elect a failed mayor to an ill-fated and controversial third term, even after we know that in 2005 Mayor Bloomberg appealed New York Supreme Court Judge Doris Ling-Cohan's ruling that would have paved the way for same-sex marriage.

My apologies to Ms. Francis.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Third Terminator: Giuliani to campaign with Bloomberg

Rudy Giuliani has supported other Republican candidates besides Mayor Michael Bloomberg, such as Conservative Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

Rudy Giuliani to Campaign With
Mayor Michael Bloomberg

"At the first mayoral debate earlier this week, Mayor Bloomberg was booed when he said that Rudy Giuliani would be a good governor of New York. That's because when he swung hard to the right in the presidential election, he alienated the liberal city-dwellers who had generally positive feelings for him as he left office after September 11. But Hizzoner is banking that there are still parts of the city that have good feelings about his predecessor, so he's asked Giuliani to help his mayoral campaign. It's a gamble — it may energize some voters, certainly. But as Bill Thompson is running ads that repeat the word "Democrat," is it really the best idea to keep reminding this blue-dyed city that you're running as a Republican?" -- Chris Rovzar, New York magazine

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thompson denounces homophobia, hate crimes

Bill Thompson Speaks at Rally Against Homophobia and Hate Crimes in College Point

"In the wake of the terrible incident this past week in Queens, Bill Thompson joined a host of elected officials and activists in condemning homophobia and hate crimes."

"Mr. Thompson was joined by a host of elected officials, such as Congressman Anthony Weiner, Councilman John Liu, Council candidate Danny Dromm, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, and Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, as well as activists from all over New York City. During his remarks Mr. Thompson called out those who hate, telling them that New Yorkers 'will not allow' LGBT-motivated attacks to occur."

Whilst the community held the public demonstration against homophobia and hate crimes, reportedly, "Bloomberg was off campaigning with Giuliani. Telling, very telling."

FDNY endorses Bill Thompson

"I remember when Bloomberg wanted to stick Manhattan with tolls just to get to Midtown and tolls on every bridge and close firehouses. That's why the FDNY is endorsing Thompson and so am !" -- Lisaloves1122

Mayoral Candidate Bill Thompson has been endorsed by Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) of Greater New York. The UFA represents 20,000 active and retired New York City Firefighters and Fire Marshals and is the largest firefighters union local in the world. Support the FDNY; support Bill Thompson.

The Press Release announcing the endorsement is now available.

Republicans stick together

George, Rudy and Mike: So Happy Together

"As Rudy Giuliani comes to town to campaign for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, remember that Republicans stick together."

Bloomberg arrests protesters at GOP Convention

Bloomberg loves Bush

"In 2004, during the Republican National Convention in New York, Mayor Bloomberg attempted to stifle free speech by denying permits for any protests. He then directed the NYPD to arrest anybody who was demonstrating."

"Police sealed off streets and surrounded peaceful crowds with netting, and proceeded to beat and arrest people indiscriminately. Even spectators and passerbys were arrested. People who were arrested were held for days in a filthy former bus depot."

Mike Bloomberg endorses miserable failure and radical Republican George W. Bush.

Mike Bloomberg is a Republican.

Please visit Huffington Post for information about the most recent Republican National Convention.

Rachel Trachtenburg Speaks on Bloomberg's Term Limits

Bloomberg should not be given the right to extend term limits when the people spoke twice and voted for term limits.

"Rachel Trachteburg, who created a stir at the public hearings at city hall on 10/16/08, speaks in front of ground zero about Mayor Bloomberg's extended term limits as voted upon by council members at City Hall. "

I hope you will listen to this little girl, who will change your mind about Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ill-fated campaign for a controversial third term as mayor of New York City.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mayor and NYC in descent

Revisiting Angry Moments on Term Limits

It’s not just about how Mayor Bloomberg ordered by mayoral fiat the overturning of term limits laws, but also how he has run this city into the ground. How many accidents have taken place regarding the collapse of our infrastructure ? The Queens Blackout of 2006, the steam pipe explosion on Lexington Avenue, how many cranes keep collapsing on the streets, how many people keep getting electrocuted by Con Edison manhole covers, how many buildings and churches does NYU get to tear down, for how many more weekends will the MTA be allowed to practically shut down the entire system, for how many more years will Ground Zero remain just a pit ? What has Mayor Bloomberg done in 8 years ? What makes him think he needs another 4 ? 8 is enough ! Only someone driven by greed, selfishness, and an over-inflated ego would think he deserves more and more and more and more and more . . . .

Mayor Bloomberg, infrastructure breaks & democracy

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Third Term for Republican$

Mike Bloomberg $till ha$ $trong tie$ to G.O.P. !

"Don't forget about me!" -- Bloomberg i$ running on the Republican Party ticket, and he $till donate$ thou$and$ and thou$and$ of dollar$ to Republican$.

Here is information about Michael Bloomberg's campaign contributions, as assembled and collected by Bill Thompson's campaign. Reportedly, 88 percent of Bloomberg’s political contributions since 2002 has gone to the Republican Party.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

McBloom = McSame

"We Voted For Term Limits!"

Green Party Candidate For Mayor Of NYC
Reverend Billy Talen speaks up from his seat at the first mayoral debate between incumbent billionaire socialite Mike Bloomberg and Democrat nominee and Comptroller Bill Thompson.

Rev. Talen preaches for a respect ...of term limits as the crowd responds with, "Eight Is Enough! Eight Is Enough!"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hate begins with intolerance

I hope Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn watch this brutal video of a gay man being beaten solely because he is gay. What have they done to advance equal rights and anti-bullying laws ?

This is Speaker Quinn's appalling record on LGBT issues since becoming Speaker of the NYC Council in 2006:

● As Speaker of the New York City Council, Christine Quinn declined to take the Bloomberg administration to court over the New York City Department of Education’s refusal to fully implement the Dignity in All Schools Act (DASA), enacted over Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s veto in 2004; instead, Quinn collaborated with the mayor’s office and the Department of Education on Respect for All, which has proven completely ineffective in addressing the epidemic of bullying and bias-based harassment in NYC public schools.

● The Speaker has failed to hold the Department of Education to account for its failure to effectively implement the chancellor’s regulation (A-832) that is supposed to address bullying and bias harassment in lieu of DoE’s refusal to fully implement DASA.

● The Speaker has collaborated with the mayor’s office in blocking the Human Rights GOAL bill (Int. No. 731), which could have a potentially significant impact in addressing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression faced by members of the LGBT community in New York City, as well as discrimination faced by women, people of color, people with disabilities and others.

● The Speaker has done nothing to address the under-funded, understaffed and ineffective NYC Commission on Human Rights, which is ostensibly responsible for implementing and enforcing NYC human rights law -- including the transgender rights ordinance which is an amendment to it.

● The Speaker has done little to address the problem of police harassment and the false arrests of gay men, other than a limited one-time intervention, and then only after significant media attention threatened to embarrass her office.

● The Speaker has done nothing effective or comprehensive to address the far more pervasive police harassment and false arrests of transgendered women (especially transgendered women of color) in New York City.

● Despite her stated commitment to institutional reform upon coming into office, the Speaker has run the Council in the same autocratic style as her two predecessors, with individual Council members and even committee chairs still subject to the same command-and-control authoritarian regime of Peter Vallone and Gifford Miller; regardless of whatever direct personal role she may have played, the Speaker must bear institutional responsibility for the slush fund scandal, which happened because she continued the corrupt practices of her predecessors.

● Last but not least, the Speaker pushed through a term limits extension bill that will help Bloomberg win a third term, after two terms in which he’s vetoed every LGBT-specific and LGBT-inclusive bill that’s come to his desk (the Equal Benefits Bill and DASA above all), except for the transgender rights bill (which he had no real choice but to sign, since it passed by a veto-proof margin of 45-5). In pushing through Bloomberg’s term limits extension bill, Quinn must accept responsibility for Bloomberg’s third term, including the record that he will accrue on LGBT issues in his third term, should he be re-elected.

The preceding facts were collated by Pauline Park, Chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA).

Bloombo Dicto

Originally posted February 18, 2009 by : The mayor and the dictator :

ERIN EINHORN of The New York Daily News deserves some sort of award for this question. Last year Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, got the city council to repeal the law that prevented him from seeking a third term. This week, Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, won a vote (insofar as the polls there can be trusted) allowing him to run for as many terms in office as he likes. Cue Ms Einhorn:

Q: Mayor, it’s hard to compare New York City to Venezuela but as you know, Hugo Chavez did his second effort - this time sucessful - to extend term limits. You chose to go through City Council. Do you have any second thoughts about this? Do you wish you should have had a chance to take to the...

A: I don’t understand your question. What on Earth do we have to do with Hugo Chavez?

Q: Well, like you, he wanted to extend his term.

A: If you wanted to ask Hugo Chavez, call him up! Maybe he’ll take your call. My suspicion is he doesn’t have press conferences and let people ask questions or if they ask questions, he probably throws them, I don’t know what he does with them...Who knows? (Laughs). I still fail to see a connection.

Mr Chavez doesn't throw too many press conferences, but he does host hours-long radio shows and TV shows where citizens can toss questions at him. No one's suggesting that Mr Bloomberg should do that.

Monday, October 12, 2009

LGBT Chamber of Commerce endorses Bloomberg despite Mayor's appeal of gay marriage ruling

NYC LGBT Chamber of Commerce betrays the LGBT community by endorsing Republican Mayor who used litigation to overturn gay marriage ruling in New York.

Gay Sell-Outs: 'Are you listening????'

Last weekend, a few hundred thousand people from across the nation chartered buses to assemble in protest against the Obama administration's unfulfilled campaign promises to support equality for the GLBT community.

Meanwhile, here in New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a history of not only ignoring equal rights, but also filing litigation to overturn advances toward equality. For example, thanks to Mayor Bloomberg, same-sex marriage cannot legally be performed in New York.

FLASHBACK TO 2005: After NY Supreme Court Judge Doris Ling-Cohen issued a judicial ruling that the right to marry the person of one's choosing in New York was both a privacy right and a liberty right, her decision was to be appealed by order of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Yet, in the face of the Mayor's expressed opposition against gay marriage, here comes the NYC LGBT Chamber of Commerce, which has chosen to endorse Bloomberg in his ill-fated third term campaign for mayor.

All those New Yorkers who chartered buses and made the 4 hour trek to DC should pile on the R train to City Hall and demonstrate against Mayor Bloomberg -- and the LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Sell-outs !

Saturday, October 10, 2009

NYPD targets gay men in pattern of questionable arrests

NYPD Policy Profiles, Discriminates Against Gay Men

What did Mayor Michael Bloomberg do to stop the unconstitutional profiling and false arrests of gay men in New York City bookstores ? Nothing.

Gay rights means equal rights equals dignity. Nothing more, nothing less.

No third term for false arrests !

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gotbaum speaks out against Bloomberg

Betsy Gotbaum speaks out against extending Bloomberg's term

New York City Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum speaks against giving Michael Bloomberg a third term.

Monday, October 5, 2009

No Third Term For Mr. Burns

No Third Term For Mr. Burns

An Equal Shot
By Michael Maiello

Who's running against New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg?

Near Union Square in New York City, attached to the "post no bills" barricade in front of what used to be the Virgin Megastore but will soon become a Nordstrom's Rack are four hand-made posters featuring C. Montgomery Burns, the rich old grinch from The Simpsons. "No Third Term For Burns," it says. This is pretty much the extent of the opposition to Mayor Mike Bloomberg's bid for a third term running City Hall.

Bill Thompson, the guy running against Bloomberg, is rarely mentioned by anyone seeking to send Bloomberg packing back to billionaire land. This race is all about Bloomberg vs. himself. Bloomberg is, according to us, the eighth-richest man in America with a net worth of $17.5 billion. He's spent $36 million on the campaign so far and will probably spend more than $70 million before it's over.

His ads are even appearing after videos of people falling off their bikes while doing stunts and throwing bowling balls at cars on the blog In those spots he attacks the record of his opponent, no doubt doing more for Thompson's notoriety than Thompson has done on his own since being selected as the Democratic nominee in September.

Bloomberg's pitches have also been all over the local television stations. My wife and I get separate campaign mailers from him at least twice a week and sometimes three times even though neither of us has ever voted for him, signed a petition for him or attended one of the fabled Bloomberg Media holiday parties (Mike, if you're going to mail us something, how about an invite?).

Bloomberg is a passable mayor and has drawn praise from pretty diverse sources like Al Gore and Rudy Giuliani. His plans, when he has them, are always big and he's not afraid to fail or to look silly. I'm pretty happy with the trans-fats ban, for example, but I opposed his plan for congestion traffic pricing because I'm pretty sure that a citywide network of surveillance cameras that will monitor who drove to what neighborhoods and when will wind up being abused in some way by the New York Police Department. When Bloomberg tried to bring the Olympics to New York, he was met by objections from the vast majority of New Yorkers. Sometimes he gets defeated, like on the Olympics and congestion pricing, but it doesn't seem to sap much of his power.

The way the law was written while he was in office, Bloomberg shouldn't even be running for a third term. We had, until Bloomberg got the law changed last year, term limits on the mayor's office. But Bloomberg argued that the financial crisis was an exceptional event and that the city needed consistent leadership to get back on its feet. Ironically, this is how Giuliani tried to extend his mayoralty after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. At least Bloomberg's standing is running for re-election.

Well, kind of. If Bloomberg had never mentioned Thompson by name, I might not know who he is. The best way for the average New York City dweller to learn about the opposition is to see a Bloomberg commercial and then look up the other guy. But at that point you've already been told that the other guy is incompetent so why bother?

The real threat to Bloomberg's re-election is apathy. The Democratic primary turnout was low even by the standards of local primaries. On one hand, this is great for Bloomberg because Democrats have no enthusiasm for their candidate, and that should keep opposition turnout low. But Bloomberg's constant mailing, advertising and spending suggests that the mayor fears that people are lukewarm about him as well and that his supporters could forget to show up for the general election the same way (I'm embarrassed to admit) that I forgot about the Democratic primary.

Whether or not Bloomberg gets his third term in what will likely be a low-turnout election all depends on whether or not $70 million is enough to spend reminding the right New Yorkers to show up on the right day. The advertising is the spending we see, but what's really driving the Bloomberg campaign is the spending we don't see: His campaign is buying up demographic data (all campaigns that can afford to, do this, of course) and he's targeting potential supporters by tells as catch-all as zip code and as granular as magazine subscriptions and employment histories.

There's also the theory that what Bloomberg is really fighting are people's attitudes about him and term limits. He could lose if enough New Yorkers think that he's being pushy. I tend not to get worked up about term limits. I think elections can serve that function, and if a majority of people want to be represented by the same guy for generations, I can accept that.

But Bloomberg should have a little more faith in the system--he's not the only man on Earth who can administer New York City's recovery and his "change the law because you need me" argument has to force a voter to question both Bloomberg's ethics and his self regard. I doubt it will cost him the New York mayor's race though. A majority of New Yorkers supported the term limits law as it was written. But they also understand that the mayor really isn't that powerful, and they don't know who the other guy is anyway.

But if Bloomberg has any national political ambitions, this will haunt him. It's one thing to sneak another term as mayor, but nobody who has done that can ever be trusted with the presidency.

Ah well, at least we'll get more bike and running paths.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Voter Anger Dogs Mayor Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg: Supported Term Limits, Until They Applied to Him

October 1, 2009 was the one-year anniversary of Michael Bloomberg's announcement that he would unilaterally overturn the will of the voters and run for a third term as NYC mayor. In the voter anger that resulted, four veteran City Council members were voted out of office in last month's primary election. Mayor Bloomberg is now nervous that he will be next to be rejected by voters in the continuing backlash against the controversial power-grab extension of term limits.

NYT awakens to reality. Will Bloomberg ?

Anger Over Term Limits Dogs Mayor

Published: October 3, 2009

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s re-election campaign can generate reams of statistics on how quickly the city repaired potholes in each neighborhood. It can produce memos on climate change and public health, and even translate its campaign fliers into Creole.

Just don’t ask about term limits.

Rosemary DeStefano found that out on her doorstep in the Bronx the other day when a Bloomberg volunteer showed up, asking for her vote.

When she complained about how the mayor had the law changed to stay in office, the volunteer recited details of his economic plan. When she persisted, he extolled Mr. Bloomberg’s promise to create 400,000 jobs.

“They missed the whole point,” she said.

With five weeks remaining until Election Day, little seems uncertain in the contest between the colossally advantaged incumbent, Mr. Bloomberg, and his lesser-known rival, William C. Thompson Jr. But interviews with both campaigns and dozens of voters reveal that anger over a single issue still simmers, seemingly immune to a flood of television commercials and glossy brochures.

That bedevils Bloomberg advisers and gives hope to his underfunded challenger.

Disenchantment over the change in the law helped topple four veteran City Council members this fall, the greatest repudiation of incumbents in a generation, and has catapulted two local lawmakers who opposed the measure into citywide office.

“The Bloomberg campaign can’t convince voters to not be upset about this. It won’t work,” said John H. Mollenkopf, a professor of political science at City University who has informally advised the Bloomberg campaign.

“If you ask New Yorkers what they did not like over the last eight years,” he added, “term limits is the major negative.”

Mr. Thompson is building his entire campaign around the topic, adopting the slogan “Eight Is Enough,” accusing the mayor of breaking his word and preparing commercials that portray him as a power-hungry mogul who plays by his own rules.

He will make it a major line of attack during two candidate debates and turn it into a rallying cry in the days leading up to Election Day, the anniversary of the term limits change, which Mr. Bloomberg signed into law on Nov. 3, 2008. “It will be a big theme,” said Eduardo Castell, Mr. Thompson’s campaign manager.

The mayor’s political advisers privately acknowledge the public anger, but since they cannot reverse Mr. Bloomberg’s actions, they are looking for ways to deflect attention from it.

They have created a new round of commercials that play up Mr. Bloomberg’s middle-class roots, to soften his image as an imperious billionaire who defied the will of the voters.

They are leveling frequent attacks at Mr. Thompson’s record, as president of the Board of Education and comptroller, to send the message that, even if voters are still resentful about term limits, they would be foolhardy to entrust a complex city to an untested leader.

If voters insist on talking about term limits, volunteers are instructed to tell them the mayor “is not guaranteed” a third term and has given them “more choice” by changing the rules.

“Bill Thompson wants to make this election about one issue,” said the mayor’s campaign manager, Bradley Tusk. “And given his track record that’s understandable. But the performance of the mayor has an enormous impact on people’s lives, and because of that, voters choose their mayor based on very real tangible issues.”

No one is predicting that resentment over term limits will, by itself, be enough to cost the mayor the election. But in interviews, political analysts and pollsters said that unease over the issue helps account for a stubborn anomaly in New Yorkers’ feelings about the mayor. Polls consistently show that a large majority (roughly 70 percent) approve of his performance, but that a significantly smaller number (50 percent) plan to vote for him in November.

The 50 percent figure has not budged in months, even though the Bloomberg campaign has spent about $65 million to promote the mayor’s record. “Term limits has a lot to do with that,” said Geoff Garin, Mr. Thompson’s pollster. “It has put a ceiling on good will toward the mayor.”

Marilyn Arthold, 64, who lives in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, said she “personally likes the mayor,” but is outraged by how he changed the term limits law, which she voted for in the 1990s, and she will consider voting against him because of it.

Those involved in the mayor’s campaign said the issue has unexpected staying power, a year after City Hall introduced the legislation allowing officials to serve three consecutive terms, not two.

“It comes up a lot with voters,” said one campaign staff member. Back in the fall of 2008, when Mr. Bloomberg and his aides fought to change the rule, they made two predictions: that voters would be distracted by a closely watched presidential election, and that any anger over the move would recede by Election Day 2009.

They may have been overoptimistic, pollsters and analysts said.

“The anger in the electorate remains an inconvenient truth for the Bloomberg campaign,” said Bruce N. Gyory, a political consultant.

New York voters approved a referendum limiting council members and officials elected citywide to two four-year terms in 1993, and then ratified that vote in a second referendum in 1996. Mr. Bloomberg, in overturning the law, rewrote it through legislation that was approved by the City Council; critics and good-government groups said any change should have gone before the voters.

Mr. Bloomberg had been outspoken in his opposition to changing term limits, saying any effort to do so would be a “disgrace.”

Just how much it will hurt him on Election Day remains an open question, however. Many voters who intensely opposed the change said they planned to vote for him, citing his skills as a manager and a weak opponent.

“If it were anyone else, I would probably be against him,” said Carlo Dioguardi, who lives in Battery Park City and voted in favor of term limits. “I don’t think anyone else can do the job he’s done.”

As for those who are less forgiving?

The campaign’s strategy of changing the topic occasionally backfires. A few days after Ms. DeStefano’s confrontation with a Bloomberg campaign volunteer in the Bronx, a handwritten letter arrived in her mailbox, ticking off the mayor’s plans to improve the economy in the borough. Ms. DeStefano, a 75-year-old Republican, tore it up.

“I didn’t ask about jobs,” she said. “I asked about term limits.”


Save New York City from its leaders.

Do you think Michael Bloomberg can help us save
Vanishing New York ?

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recycle Bloomberg's junk mail

Host: hey, bloomberg! clean up your trash!
Type: Causes - Protest
Network: Global
Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: steps of city hall
City/Town: New York, NY

"have you been inundated with bloomberg campaign mailings? we have! for months! how many trees is this supposedly environmentally conscious mayor responsible for killing? instead of throwing all his crap in the garbage, we thought it would be a good idea if everyone saved the stuff, we'll collect it and then dump it all on the steps of city hall!"

you don't have to actually show up to this thing! we just want your garbage! :)

for right now, just spread the word! email your nyc friends and family! put a box in the garbage/recycling room in your building with a note asking for bloomberg mailings! make a flier and put it up around your neighborhood! and we're looking for drop off points around the city if you have any ideas! :)

and start saving bloomberg's trash!

don't worry, you can cross out your name and address!

(This is a FaceBook event.)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Veterans reject Bloomberg

Veterans groups AWOL from Mayor Bloomberg's list of endorsements

From The Daily News :

"Mayor Bloomberg appears to have a veteran problem. As of last week, his campaign counted more than 400 endorsements - but just one of them was from a veterans group. And that group doesn't even exist.

"...Bloomberg hasn't reached out to soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, hasn't done enough to help homeless or addicted vets, and hasn't gone out of his way to help veterans get jobs and housing.

"...And Bloomberg has been to only one servicemember's funeral in more than three years."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Misogynistic Mayor may cost Quinn her Leadership

The mayor doesn't like discussing the subject of the class action sexual harassment case against him and his company.

In addition to the pattern of sexual harassment and discrimination at Bloomberg L.P., look at how Mayor Michael Bloomberg has treated New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Quinn's power base is now in question -- following her close association with Mayor Bloomberg> and his controversial push for third term extensions.

Bloomberg tricked Quinn into doing his dirty work on extending term limits, and then left her out to fend herself against voter anger. More evidence of his bias against women.

From The New York Times : Answers About Michael R. Bloomberg, Part 2 :

Q. Are the sexual harassment issues that are being brought against Bloomberg L.P. recent, or were they prior to his terms as mayor? If they are later than 2002 hasn’t he divested himself from any active role in the company and should it not be a relevant issue? If events occurred during his company stewardship, that is a different matter and should be brought to bear in the current campaign. Would you comment on this subject? — Posted by Ned Brody

A. A complicated subject. Mr. Bloomberg and his company faced three sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits when he was still in charge of Bloomberg L.P. One suit, by a woman who charged Mr. Bloomberg with snapping “Kill it!” when she told him she was pregnant, claimed that he and other company executives subjected women to “repeated and unwelcome” sexual comments and overtures. That suit was settled the year before Mr. Bloomberg became a mayoral candidate. He did not admit guilt, and the plaintiff accepted an undisclosed sum and agreed to remain forever silent. A second harassment suit was dropped because of legal blunders by the woman’s lawyer, and a third was withdrawn after the plaintiff’s husband, another Bloomberg employee, pleaded guilty to stealing from the company.

We need to liberate the women who work around Mayor Bloomberg.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

YouTube censors Blogger

WEEKS BEFORE NYC MAYORAL ELECTION, YOUTUBE.COM SUPPRESSES FREE SPEECH has censored the artist-activist-citizen journalist Suzannah B. Troy by suspending her entire account (300 videos).

Suzannah B. Troy, a New York City-based artist, citizen journalist, and blogger, has had her account inexplicably suspended by the popular video website.

First Suzannah B. Troy, next us.

Ms. Troy has spent months creating, editing, and posting hundreds of original citizen journalist videos focusing on the controversial election this year of local candidates running for third terms in office. In particular, Ms. Troy's videos have been highly critical of the New York City Council and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The nature of the videos on her account have ranged from breaking news-quality videos of voter demonstrations, to video blogs of her commentary on the elections, to artistic interpretation of news events. There is no reason for her account to be suspended by YouTube other than for the political and artistic nature of their content.

Please write to Youtube at: and ask them for their official policy of suspending accounts of artists and citizen journalists.

We are only weeks away from an important election, which shall decide if City Council Members and Mayor Bloomberg will thwart the will of voters' two referrenda on term limits. And missing from the free exchange of ideas during the critical debates that will be taking place in the time leading up to the election will be Ms. Troy's body of work.

Without you stepping in to blog, publish, or report about this questionable suspension of Ms. Troy's YouTube account (as well as the potential of loss of hundreds of videos), other citizen journalists may face the same sad fate : cyber suppression.

Please consider the importance of voter participation in free and open democratic elections.

UPDATE: After pressure, restores Blogger's account

The blog site Queens Crap is reporting that YouTube has restored Suzannah B. Troy's account.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bloomberg: Politics, not progress

Remember the 2006 Queens Blackout

Bloomberg didn't care, and I won't forget that.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bloomberg's second term to end on sad note

With primary election over, activists focus on thwarting Bloomberg's campaign for a controversial third term as Mayor of New York City.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mark Green exposes Mike Bloomberg

Billionaire socialite Michael Bloomberg, in an ill-fated, ego-driven drive for an unprecedented third term in office as mayor, deliberately denied voters a referendum on extending term limits and is believed to be willing to spend upwards of $100 million of his own money to win re-election.

What is wrong with this picture ?

Mark Green on NY1's Inside City Hall with Dominic Carter : discussing the Term Limits Extension in New York City.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Teachers oppose Bloomberg

'The mayor says it's his way or "the bad old days." That's a false choice. We need a system that works better than what we have.'

Arthur Goldstein, an ESL teacher at Francis Lewis High School in Queens, wrote an editorial in The New York Daily News, in which he pointed out many shortcomings of the mayoral control over the Department of Education.

Mr. Goldstein reminded us that, "A few years ago, the mayor fired two members of the Panel for Educational Policy who had the nerve to disagree with him."

"This mayor boasts about accountability. Teachers are accountable. Principals are accountable, but the only time the mayor is accountable is once every four years.

"That's not enough, particularly for a man who is prepared to spend $100 million to buy reelection and who scoffed at the voters by changing the term limits law they twice affirmed.

"Four more years of this system guarantees the privatization and destruction of public education in New York City. That's a prospect we should all oppose."

Read the entire editorial: Teacher Against Mayoral Control: All that power hasn't made things better.

People have the power

You can be on the winning side that will put a Democrat into City Hall; just vote against Mayor Bloomberg.

It won't take an enormous feat to defeat socialite billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his multi-million dollar self-financed squatting of City Hall.

It is possible to evict him out of office.

All it will take is for you to cast your vote against him.

It's as simple as that. No more, no less.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Save democracy; watch this film

Year !

The Promise of New York is an award-winning documentary that follows the entertaining antics of three underdogs who try to unseat billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg during the 2005 mayoral election. Featuring: Michael Bloomberg, Ed Koch, Christopher Brodeur, Jessica Delfino, Seth Blum, Andy Horwitz, and Chris Riggs.

Upcoming Screening Dates:

* Tuesday Sept. 8, 8PM; Monkey Town; $10/$10 Minimum
58 N 3rd ST, Brooklyn, NY ; 718.384.1369
Reservations highly recommended. Click here for Tickets or Information.

* Friday Sept. 11 & Saturday Sept. 12, 9PM; Dixon Place; $10
161 Chrystie ST, New York, NY
(212) 219-0736;
Click here for Sept. 11 Tickets.
Click here for Sept. 12 Tickets.

From the publicity materials :

"A blogger turned stand-up comic, an obsessive political gadfly and a high-school math teacher compete against each other and arch rival incumbent Michael Bloomberg for the post of New York City mayor. As these ordinary citizens take politics into their own hands, The Promise of New York explores the meaning of democracy and the identity of a city with hilarious irreverence and thought-provoking sensitivity."

Billionaires for Wealthcare

Putting Profits before People !

"Good stuff. But don't bother the right wing nuts with facts, they can't be bothered with such things, It would leave so little time for Rush." -- pastol

Don't Pull the Plug on the Status Quo !

"Wealth means you are right, if you are poor don't try to educate yourself just go die!!! " -- studio7manga

Can we trust Republicans ?

Can we trust Mayor Michael Bloomberg's judgment ?

Mayor Bloomberg not only endorsed, but he also supported and campaigned on behalf of McCain-Palin.

Please note ! This post was inspired by Block Bloomberg, a website opposing Mayor Bloomberg's third term electioneering robbery.

Kinldy help me spread the word of Mayor Bloomberg's arrogance. He's belittled the democratic political process many times over, and he's now begun to minimise his political opponents. He's already diminished voters' say on term limits by denying us a referendum. He's going to continue to marginalise and disregard us, people. WAKE UP !

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bloomberg Denies Dissing Bush

Flashback to April 2008: Michael Bloomberg Denies Dissing President Bush

Bloomberg ignores the Black community

No Economics—No Vote!

Tell Your Family and Friends, No Third Term for Mayor Michael Bloomberg!

Inconvenient Truth about Michael Bloomberg's ads

Don't vote for Mayor Michael Bloomberg !!! Part 1

"Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks that he can use his power and enormous wealth to fool New Yorkers into thinking he actually cares about the poor and middle class. In his two terms as mayor he has done absolutely nothing but cut funding to every facility that the middle class and poor depended upon to get by and has raised every tax he could get his hands on. He has rewritten the law by increasing term limits so he can run for mayor and possibly serve a 3rd term, New Yorkers had absolutely no say in this decision. This man has shown New York just how heartless you have to be to be a billionaire without winning the lotto by taking everything and giving back nothing. Don't vote for this man, he is transforming New York into a tourist attraction and a resort for himself and his fellow millionaire and billionaire friends. This advertisement is on me Mayor Mike Bloomberg."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

You Better Look Before You Vote For Mike Bloomberg

The one main reason you don't see roses growing in NYC.

Political Sky is Falling in on Mike Bloomberg: For the last 8 years, what has he done about maintaining our infrastructure ?

"A few days ago, at the West 181st Street station of the No. 1 subway line, the roof literally caved in.... "

"There are three critical pieces of infrastructure that make a city as dense and complex as New York work. One is the water and sewage system, the second is the power system and the third is the subway system. It costs more to maintain these pieces of infrastructure in a city as built up as ours than it does in less crowded places. A lot of our infrastructure is old and in need of maintenance. Some of that infrastructure maintenance is well financed. Some, like our mass transit system, is not...."

"One would like to think that the roof falling in would be a signal that change is needed...."

--Steve Cohen, "The Roof is Caving In: Time to Find Funds for Infrastructure" in The New York Observer

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bloomberg resistance now on radio

Crotch Shot Radio Show interviews Suzannah B. Troy.

Listen as Ms. Troy discusses the slush fund scandal, pension fund scandal, over-development, the third term power over-reach, and the collapse of our infrastructure.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Empty Coronary Care Unit at St. John's Queens Hospital

Video of empty and eerily silent Coronary Care Unit of St. John's Queens Hospital, after the hospital was closed earlier this year.

Where are we going to go, if we get sick ? And when the H1N1 flu strikes again this winter, it isn't going to look good, people.

Look at all the healthcare infrastructure, resources, and technology that are going to go to waste. What you don't see is all of the highly educated and trained medical staff -- what is happening to them, where are they going to work now ? So many people don't have access to healthcare, and here we are taking entire hospitals offline.

OUT-rage !

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Councilwoman Helen Sears must surely have no sense of compassion or caring for the 2,000,000 people in Queens, who keep losing more and more hospitals, firehouses, and post offices.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The New Yorker magazine exposes Bloomberg's ego-driven third term campaign

"The Untouchable: Can a good mayor amass too much power?" by Ben McGrath. Illustration by: Gerald Scarfe.

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York: ambitious younger mayors around the country call him Papa Smurf. Photograph by Platon. Read the article by clicking here or on the picture.

Michael Bloomberg