Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stu Loeser Quits Bloomberg Administration

Stu Loeser has been Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s press secretary for over six years. Now, Mr. Loeser is quitting the Bloomberg administration next month, reports The New York Times. Mr. Loeser has had a lot of work to do, to keep the karmically-challenged mayor out of trouble. “It’s almost like an old married couple at this point,” Bradley Tusk, who managed Mr. Bloomberg’s 2009 mayoral campaign, told The NYTimes.

Espaillat-Rangel BOE Documents

New York City Board of Elections : What would Mayor Michael Bloomberg do ? Oh, that's right : he would hire ballot security political operatives through money funneled to the Independence Party.

Too bad nobody can count on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to lead the charge on electoral system reform. He's too busy recovering from having had to provide trial testimony against his formerly-paid "campaign volunteer," John Haggerty, Jr.

NYC BOE Regarding Unofficial Election Results

Here are the two relevant documents (above and below) regarding only the most recent Board of Election scandal, this time involving Adriano Espaillat and Charles Rangel.

Espaillat v BOE Et Al OSC - No 103155 - 6292012_00000

John Haggerty Motions Ruling

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel's decision on John Haggerty's motion to dismiss charges.

Decision on Haggerty motions

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mike Bloomberg Is Best Friends With Bill Rudin

At NYUFASP book launch, Fran Lebowitz slammed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Bill Rudin.

On July 15, 2012, Fran Lebowitz spoke out against the zone-busting over development that is destroying the special social fabric of New York City. The purpose of her speech was the book launch of 'While We Were Sleeping : NYU and the Destruction of New York' at McNally Jackson bookstore in SoHo.

"No one earns a billion dollars, you steal a billion dollars," said Fran Lebowitz about Mayor Bloomberg's self-made billions.

At 10:53, Ms. Lebowitz begins to speak about the closing of St. Vincent's Hospital. She describes Bill Rudin as one of the mayor's best friends.

Ms. Lebowitz goes on to mention about the countless hospital closings that have taken place in New York City.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Michael Bloomberg John Haggerty Transcripts

Flashback Rewind : Trial testimony provided by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the Mayor's shady 2009 campaign finance crimes trial involving GOP operative John Haggerty.




Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Christine Quinn Kickstarter Project

The activist and blogger Louis Flores has created a Kickstarter project to raise funds to publish his forthcoming book about the politics and ethics of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Make a pledge by visiting the Kickstarter link: Roots of Betrayal : The Ethics of Christine Quinn

“I am writing a book that will take a behind the scenes look at Christine Quinn's politics and ethics. I aim to show you how a politician, who claims to be transparent and ethical, has demonstrated herself to be just the opposite,” said Louis Flores.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mexico Protests ; Media Blackout

According to YouTube videos and bloggers, there are as many as 15 million Mexicans, who have been participating protests in different cities around Mexico. Critics of the Mexican government charge that there is a deliberate media blackout of the protests. Activists and protesters are tired of the corruption with government officials, organized crime, drug trafficking, gun violence, and taxation, among other crimes.

HHC Plans To Privatize Dialysis Services : At Huge Risk To Patients -- All Thanks To The City Budget Deal Approved By Bloomberg, Quinn

Join us in opposing New York City's Health and Hospital Corporation's 4 Year Plan of Healthcare Cuts

URGENT: Call to action : Tell Alan Aviles, President of the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation to stop putting profits before patient care.

The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) wants to sell off in-patient and outpatient dialysis services to a private company to operate at nine HHC facilities.

PATIENTS WILL SUFFER. By cutting corners to make profits for their shareholders, for profit dialysis centers unnecessarily putting the lives of our loved ones at risk.

WORKING PEOPLE WILL SUFFER. The for-profit company that takes over dialysis services will likely hire non-union workers at lower salaries and with less benefits.

THIS CONTRACT IS CLEARLY NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF HHC PATIENTS OR NEW YORK CITY. HHC claims that it will save $178.5 million. Yet it has not taken the time to assess the impact on patient care of the dialysis services recently contracted out at Bellevue Hospital prior to this new initiative.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY. HHC can work with the affected unions to come up with alternatives to contracting out the renal dialysis services at the affected nine HHC hospitals and continue to provide the care using dedicated public employees with public dollars.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Click here to sign a petition calling the city to stop putting profits before patient care.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

BOE Misconduct : Election Fraud ?

Troubling actions by Board of Elex members :
Rangel-Espaillat vote-count odyssey continues

''Troubling signs have now emerged that some officials at the board crossed the line in an all-out effort by the Democratic Party establishment to ensure a Rangel victory, and that the board’s staff wrongly disqualified hundreds of paper ballots,'' reported Juan Gonzalez in The New York Daily News.

Gary Tilzer, on his blog True News From Change NYC, wrote that :

Those who benefit from the BOE want the Rangel race over that is why they were counting until late into Friday evening. They hope questions raised by the election like other major corruption stories about the board are lost in the media's limited attention span and unwillingness to follow up on corruption stories. The question unanswered include: Why were 79 district recorded as zero on election night. The result of those zeros was an election night blow out of Espaillat has turned into a 2% squeaker? Why did BOE deputy chief Tim Gay meet with team Rangel and the district leaders that were supporting the congressman? Were Dominican poll workers and translators prevented from working in the primary to help Rangel? Ballot fixing by the former head of the BOE and Bribery by the HANC representative on the board involving the purchase of new voting machines are long forgotten.