Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bloomberg : Let Them Eat Cake

Rachael Sacks : NYPost Spoiled Brat Essay Covergirl photo mean-little-rich-girl-front3_zps88dd3777.jpg

From True News From Change :

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city's lack of affordable housing is a 'good sign' of a vibrant economy, because 'more people want to live here.' Advocates slammed the mayor's comments as 'absurd' -- and insensitive toward people being squeezed out of their homes by rising rents. 'OUT OF TOUCH' : Bloomberg under fire for calling city’s lack of affordable housing a 'good sign' of Big Apple's vibrant economy (The New York Daily News) * Critics called his housing comment out of touch. Mayor : Homelessness a ‘good sign’ (The New York Post) * Pity rich Rachael Sacks, who, in the style of some in her generation, blogs every last thing that’s in the folds of her brain, including how a cashier at Gristedes looked like she was judging her because “I grew up with a decent amount of money in a decent rich area.” Her parents must be proud (The New York Daily News Editorial) * I’m Not Going To Pretend That I’m Poor To Be Accepted By You (Rachael Sachs) * Bloomberg : I'd Walk A Mile In Rachael Sachs's High Heels (The New York Post)