Monday, March 26, 2012

Is Mayor Bloomberg Monitoring Your Facebook Account ?

Is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg monitoring the Facebook accounts of city employees and political activists ? The NYPD monitors civic activities of New York City voters, and police also spy on Muslims and protesters. Why is it so hard to believe that Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Chief Ray Kelly aren't already monitoring Facebook accounts ?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beth Israel Hospital Ambulance Stuck In Traffic

After St. Vincent's Hospital was closed so that it could become a billion-dollar luxury condominium and townhouse complex for the wealthy Rudin Family, many of the remaining hospitals in Manhattan are having to travel longer distances to respond to medical emergencies. In this video, there is a Beth Israel Hospital ambulance stuck in traffic right in front of the closed St. Vincent's Hospital. These ambulances then have the make the same long distance back to their originating hospital, to transport medical patients back to an emergency room or a trauma center. At stake are the life and well-being of medical patients, who have to risk their lives in order to wait until they receive critical medical treatment. There can be no "moving on" until a full-service hospital and trauma center replaces St. Vincent's Hospital.

After St. Vincent's Hospital Closed, A Gross Imbalance of Hospital Beds in Manhattan., After St. Vincent's Hospital Closed, A Gross Imbalance of Hospital Beds in Manhattan.

NYPD Break Protester's Arm

Bloomberg To OWS: "You Want Broken Bones ? We'll Accommodate You."

NYPD-Break-16-Year-Old-Girls-Arm-OWS-Protest, NYPD-Break-16-Year-Old-Girls-Arm-OWS-Protest

Five days after Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a threat against #OccupyWallStreet activists, activists went on a march from Liberty Square to Union Square. The dual purpose of the march was in opposition to police brutality and a call for the resignation of NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Oddly enough, the peaceful protest resulted in even further police brutality, including physically violent tactics by the NYPD against the protesters, leading to one 16 year old peaceful activist suffering from a broken arm, as pictured above. No comment, yet, of course, from Christine Quinn, in regards to the NYPD's on-going campaign of police brutality against peaceful activists.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Term Limits Lawyer Quits

Lawyer "aggressively promoted Mr. Bloomberg’s controversial effort in 2008 to repeal the city’s term-limits law"

Anthony W. Crowell, the general counsel to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has resigned to accept the deanship and presidency of New York Law School, The New York Times reported. Mr. Crowell joins other top officials, who are leaving Mayor Bloomberg's ill-fated and karmically-doomed third term in office.

So far, Mr. Bloomberg’s relatively rocky third term has seen the departures of several top lieutenants once considered crucial to the smooth operation of the city.

Kevin Sheekey and Edward Skyler, longtime advisers who served in a variety of top positions, departed soon after the mayor won re-election in 2009. They were later joined by Robert V. Hess, who supervised homeless services, and James Anderson, the mayor’s communications director.

Mr. Crowell is accepting the top position with a sketchy law school with a shady reputation of expensive tuition rates, poor school rankings, and horrible job placement.

Read more : The Mayor’s Lawyer Is Moving On

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Was Booed at St. Patrick's Parade

From WABC-TV :

Bloomberg jeered during Queens St. Patty's parade

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Mayor Bloomberg got a mixed reception while marching in the Queens County Saint Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday.

Some vocal critics jeered the mayor for his decision to publicize teacher evaluations.

The mayor also had some supporters along the parade route who said he's doing the best he can under difficult circumstances.