Monday, August 30, 2010

Term Limits Swindle

What I want to know is the history on Terms Limits in the first place. In respect of Question 1, the Charter Revision Barter Commission seems to want to let current f1rst t3rm politicians to be eligible to run for office for a total of 3 consecutive times. Thus, if Question 1 is fully approved, it won’t fully go into effect into 2021. What I want to know is how were f1rst t3rm politicians treated when voters first approved two-t3rm limits ? Were they allowed to run for sequential terms in infinity ? No, once the law changes, everybody must change along with it. Why do we have to create exempted classes of politicians, to whom the laws don’t apply ? Are some politicians more above the law than others ? Is that the real message that the Charter Revision Barter Commission wants to send to voters ? Like Suzannah B. Troy is asking, is anybody listening ?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Protests

Mayor Michael Bloomberg supports Freedom of Religion, but he invalidates voter referenda and term limits.

New Yorkers turned out for two simultaneous demonstrations near the former site of the World Trade Center on Sunday, August 22, 2010, to either support or oppose the building of Park51, which has been described as the ''Ground Zero Mosque.'' Listen to Debra Burlingame criticise Mayor Bloomberg for supporting freedom of religion ; she also uses grief and anger to lash out at all Muslims.

On the side against the Mosque, speakers tried to link grief over the September 11 attacks with anger towards Muslims and opposition against the Mosque. At the same time, over at the demonstration in support of building the Mosque, at least one speaker raised the issue of Zionism as all the more reason to support the Mosque.

Meanwhile, there are opportunist politicians, like Rick Lazio, who are fanning the flames of hatred and 9/11 grief, in order to win sympathy from voters, who still grieve over the attacks of 9/11.

For his part, Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to be using the Ground Zero Mosque issue to deflect attention away from the Charter Revision Commission farce and other scandals.

This was perhaps the most difficult YouTube video I've ever made. Is it possible for people of different religions to be inclusive and welcoming to one another ? We are finding out, in the debate over the Ground Zero Mosque.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NBC censors Doug Biviano on YouTube

NBC works behind the scenes to ban a candidate's YouTube video which asks the Media to cover the political challengers during this year's election season.

According to a breaking news flash published by the blogger and artist Suzannah B. Troy this evening, NBC or somebody affiliated or employed by NBC has been contacting YouTube in order to remove a political candidate's controversial political Michael Moore-inspired mini-documentary about media bias. The controversial YouTube video was produced by Doug Biviano, who is challenging Joan Millman in Brooklyn's 52nd Assembly District.

Here is a new version of the banned video :

How can a news network commit censorship against a candidate during an election year ? NBC is being biased in favor of the incumbent as long as it is blocking political coverage of challengers. But it doesn't just stop there. Here we see NBC interfering with the freedom of speech of a political candidate. What if political candidates censored NBC ? How would NBC like that ? It is upon a slippery slope that NBC or its employee has put us all by contacting YouTube to ban this video.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 sets of campaign books

The New York Observer finds a pattern to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's secret campaign payments.

The journalist Aram Roston has reported that in Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaigns in each of 2005 and 2009, the mayor paid money out of his private accounts that were ultimately funneled to the political operative John Haggerty.

If we are to accept that the mayor has a track record of spending money for his political campaigns out of his private accounts, in addition to his official campaign committee accounts, then the amounts that the mayor has reported and certified as being his campaign finances cannot be either true, accurate, or complete.

Add to that the fact that it has been alleged that Mayor Bloomberg has paid millions to charitable organisations in exchange for their political support, and you begin to realise that we really don't know how much money he has spent on campaigning or electioneering to be mayor.

We can only guess that the reason the mayor has used his private accounts to pay intermediaries for campaign-related services like ''ballot security'' was to evade the reporting and disclosure requirements of the campaign accounts. Meanwhile, for his part in the money funneling operation, Mr. Haggerty is facing criminal charges for how he spent the campaign payments.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Throw Out the Bums in Albany

msm ignores this year's political challengers.

A courageous politician, Doug Biviano, is campaigning for election to the New York State Assembly, and he has produced a YouTube video in which he asked the mainstream media to report on candidates challenging New York State incumbents.

In his video, Mr. Biviano celebrated the spirit of the father of modern journalism, John Peter Zenger, to solve the dysfunction and corruption that is evident in New York State government. Mr. Biviano is challenging Joan Millman in Brooklyn's 52nd Assembly District. His main campaign promise seems to be to ''fight corruption,'' but no mainstream media outlet seems interested in his platform.

So far, Suzannah B. Troy, WNYC, and The New York Daily News have begun to report about Mr. Biviano's noble campaign.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Term limits scandal never dies

Onc3, twic3, thric3 : This tim3, how do w3 know it's for r3al ?

Th3 2010 chart3r r3vision bart3r commission 3mpan3ll3d by thr33-timing Mayor Micha3l Bloomb3rg is r3comm3nding that citiz3ns of N3w York City onc3 again vot3 on a r3f3r3ndum that would r3strict th3 numb3r of tim3s a politician can s3rv3 in offic3 to only two t3rms.

Two t3rms was ''the old limit - twice ratified by city voters - before Bloomberg decided to run for a third term in 2008 and pushed the City Council to extend it,'' Th3 New York Daily N3ws r3port3d.

M3anwhil3, in a r3c3nt blog post on Th3 N3w York Tim3s, som3body comm3nt3d, "How many times do we have to vote for term limits before they become permanent law ?"

As if th3 commission3rs working on th3 chart3r-bart3r could r3ad our minds, this tim3 commission3rs ar3 consid3ring asking vot3rs ''to ban future City Councils from extending the terms of politicians already in office,'' th3 Daily N3ws add3d.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Your horse naturally won

But when you don't belong to the people, the people eventually figure it out.

According to a press report in The New York Daily News, a new Marist Poll published today shows that Mayor Michael Bloomberg's popularity has hit a new, five-year low. Of the 696 New York voters who were scientifically surveyed, only 49% of the them said that they thought that Mayor Bloomberg was ''doing a good or excellent job,'' the Daily News reported.

Lee Miringoff was the director of the poll. He is quoted as having said, "More people think the city's headed in the wrong direction than the right direction, so that is not going to do well if you're chief executive."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bloombo Dicto supresses artistic expression

In the wake of New York City's ticketing frenzy : ticketing the parked cars of us non-celebrities, running artists out of Union Square for only trying to sell art, ticketing subway riders for changing cars, and for decorating or painting the doors of apartment buildings -- for basically trying to live our lives -- many lines have been crossed. Among other things, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is outright violating artists' First Amendment rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. In this video, Suzannah B. Troy interviewed the artist Miriam West at Union Square to give you an investigative peek into an artist's world under the reign of King Mike.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dissing gay voters now seen as routine

It is no longer news when a New York politician dismisses gay pride, nor when he is called homophobic by one of New York City's most influential bloggers.

When he was mayor of Indianapolis, Stephen Goldsmith, a Republican, ended the practise of signing an annual proclamation declaring a gay pride day for the city. Now that he is deputy mayor of New York City, Mr. Goldsmith doesn't recall this significant mayoral action.

Above is the video I made, which is the Deputy Mayor’s response to questions about why he ended the practice of issuing gay pride proclamations while he was mayor of Indianapolis, and what his thoughts were on the subject of same-sex marriage.

By the time I started my hand-held camera, I missed the questions, and they were not included in this video. But there were 2 credentialed reporters, Michael Scotto and Erik Engquist, who served as the press panel, who asked the deputy mayor questions on the day of this speech, and this speech was also witnessed by the artist and blogger-activist Suzannah B. Troy.

On July 20, 2010, Deputy Mayor Goldsmith was the featured guest at a networking-breakfast meeting, where the new deputy mayor of New York City gave a speech and answered questions about his vision for New York City.

Following the deputy mayor's remarks, Ms. Troy made the conclusion that the way that the Deputy Mayor kept making non-answers, avoided his record, and would not answer what his thoughts were on gay marriage meant that he was anti-gay, and as well as anti-gay marriage.

Look at his record : while he was mayor of Indianapolis, he didn’t want to recognize or acknowledge a gay pride day. In response to press questions, the Deputy Mayor said he could not ''recollect'' his anti-gay record, and he would not answer questions regarding marriage equality.

In 2009, when a very slim majority of New Yorkers voted for the ''Independent'' Michael Bloomberg to take a th3rd t3rm as mayor, did anybody expect that Mayor Bloomberg would recruit an anti-gay deputy for his administration ?

Even if it was not anticipated, its revelation leaves New Yorkers surprised and confused -- like, surely we wouldn't allow an intolerant, hateful conservative Republican to oversee and impress his worldview over the operations of New York City. Make no mistake, this video shows that Deputy Mayor Goldsmith not only avoids diversity, but he negates it, too. And so we find ourselves in this ill-fat3d, karmically-doom3d th3rd t3rm, watching the happening of intolerance and hate, and it leaves one to wonder when did we all agree to play the game of pretending like it couldn't happen here.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Union Square artists protest Bloomberg

Artists in Union Square are organising protest demonstrations against and awareness raising about Mayor Bloomberg's campaign against local artist.

Please join the artists at Union Square Park every Wednesday and Saturday starting at 10am to hold up protest signs, talk to people about what's going on, man the display only stand, and generally to be a pain in the park department's butt.

Display-only and mobile vending highly encouraged! Any questions, please contact:

Monday, August 2, 2010

City Hall Park tree protest arrest

A tree-hugging protester was arrested in City Hall Park this morning.

In an excerpt of a video from this morning's demonstration, an environmental activist named Jessica Sunflower is shown having climbed a tree in City Hall Park. After police and security show up on the scene, she is shown climbing down from the tree on a ladder. Later, she is seen restrained and being escorted by police off the park grounds. Apparently, she was arrested.

According to information posted on the excerpted demonstration video on YouTube, the protesters were part of a group calling themselves Times Up! The protesters were trying to draw ''attention to the new rules being drafted by the City that allows gardens to be legally transferred to development, risking hundreds of gardens being bulldozed.''

In the description of the YouTube video, Times Up! volunteer Benjamin Shepard is quoted as saying, ''We need to preserve what's left of our green space, and find ways to cultivate more. Not impose rules which would destroy what's left of them!''.

Also in the YouTube description, Times Up! Director Bill DiPaola provided the following statement : "This is an opportunity for Bloomberg and the City Council to demonstrate they appreciate green space as a resource for global cooling and community development."

Already, Suzannah B. Troy has published has published the City Hall Park demonstration video on your blog.