Saturday, June 26, 2010

Log Cabin République connes

Bloomberg to Join Log Cabin at N.Y. Pride

Just a friendly reminder, based on facts, that despite Mayor Michael Bloomberg's march with the Log Cabin Republicans in this year's Gay Pride Parade, the legal debate over the constitutionality of same-sex marriages in New York came to an early abortion after Mayor Bloomberg appealed Judge Doris Ling-Cohan's 2005 trial court ruling in which she found that the right to marry the person of one's choosing is both a privacy right and a liberty right.

If Mayor Bloomberg cared about equality, then he would be taking action to create equality, instead of just showing up for photo opportunities with the farce of a group called Log Cabin Republicans. Mr. Mayor, what is your record on equality ?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cy Vance's campaign responds

Anonymous leaks about Cy Vance's alleged Campaign Finance Irregularities triggers an official response from Mr. Vance's campaign treasurer.

A representative from Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance's campaign has called Suzannah B. Troy to issue an official communication in response to questions about campaign payments made or debts owed to Mark Guma.

Compromise the Investigator

Cy Vance, Mark Guma, Maura Keaney, and John Haggerty : Campaign finance irregularities that may compromise the Manhattan District Attorney's Office

Suzannah B. Troy has published a shocking independent journalist report, one that is brave, because we are relying on the integrity of anonymous information, to show that certain irregular financial transactions took place within Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance's election campaign.

'' In a series of shady campaign finance maneuvers reported on campaign filings throughout the 2009 election cycle, Cy Vance has apparently attempted to conceal the fact that Mark Guma has forgiven large sums of debt owed to Mark Guma Communications, Inc. previously invoiced to Cy Vance’s campaign. ''

If this is true, and you can read the entirety of Ms. Troy's information at the end of this post, then Ms. Troy is right when she draws the conclusion that District Attorney Cy Vance's campaign finance irregularities and/or ties to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's own campaign finance scandal, compromise the District Attorney's integrity. Mr. Vance's campaign must now fully explain its association with John Haggerty, since his own office is now investigating Mr. Haggerty's alleged criminal campaign activities.

Cy Vance Mike Bloomberg = Teflon Mike Bloomberg info sent to me by a source.

This was emailed to me and I am posting. I am a blogger and I don't have the resources that a David Seifman has or the contacts including a press pass. I have not gotten to interview this person but I wanted to share this with my followers and you decide what to make of this. If this is true than it proves that Cy Vance has every reason in his power as I am sure many others do for different reasons to make sure this powerful connected man, Mike Bloomberg who doesn't respect limits of any kind remains Teflon Mike -- that he remains above the law.

If this is all true than I am glad I have gone to "outside sources" beyond the NYPD forwarding the cyber stalker identity thief continued and on going harassment on YouTube of me and others. The Queens DA has the evidence from when the freak stole Tony Avella's identity the day after the election to harass me and others so I am glad the Queens DA doesn't have the issues that Cy Vance has. Here is the info I was sent:

Points of Public Interest pertaining to Cy Vance’s Campaign Finance Irregularities in collusion with Michael Bloomberg’s campaign and Mark Guma Communications.

· Cy Vance has a longstanding debt to Mark Guma Communications for $273,349 to whom he paid more than 1.1 million dollars to for consulting and electioneering activities from September 2009-January 2010.

· On January 15, 2010, Cy Vance mysteriously reported to the State Board of Elections that he had loan/liabilities to Mark Guma Communications in the amount of $273K that dated back to 9/14/2009. (2009 10 Day Post Primary)

· In a series of shady campaign finance maneuvers reported on campaign filings throughout the 2009 election cycle, Cy Vance has apparently attempted to conceal the fact that Mark Guma has forgiven large sums of debt owed to Mark Guma Communications, Inc. previously invoiced to Cy Vance’s campaign.

· In a series of campaign finance reports, Cy Vance’s campaign reduced their liability to Mark Guma Communications, Inc. by reporting campaign expenditures on section F of their filings (with corresponding check numbers) purportedly written to Mark Guma Communications, while simultaneously reporting on Section O of his finance reports that Mark Guma was making a donation to the campaign for the same amount.

· Vance’s campaign simultaneously reduced the liabilities in section N of its filings by the exact same amounts of each “donation” reported on section O.

*See State BOE Filer ID C36419 (2009 11 Day Pre-General, 2009 27 Day Post General, 2010 January Periodic)

· Thus far, $96,172.85 in debt owed to Mark Guma Communications, Inc has been “written off” by the Cy Vance campaign in a subversive manner, and thereby evading campaign finance limits placed on corporate donations.

· (Section 14 of Election Law)The New York State Board of Elections has ruled that a company or corporation that engages in public relations does not typically lend money to its clients. Therefore, “any loan by the company which is not repaid by the date of the election would be deemed a contribution in accordance with the provisions of the law. If the amount not repaid to the corporation on the date of the election exceeds $5000, the corporation would be in violation of section 14 of Election Law which limits corporate contributions to $5000.” (NYS BOE 1977 Opinion #8)

· In addition, if the company extends credit to a campaign for services performed, with the INTENT to eventually write off the debt, this is considered an act to violate and evade the contribution limits set forth in section 14 of Election Law. (NYS BOE 1977 Opinion #8)

· Section 14-126 of State Election Law clearly states that (3) Any person who knowingly and willfully contributes, accepts or aids or participates in the acceptance of a contribution in an amount exceeding an applicable maximum specified in this article shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

· Section 14-126 of State Election Law clearly states that (4) Any person who shall, acting on behalf of a candidate or political committee, knowingly and willfully …makes expenditures in connection with a nomination for election of any candidate, or solicits any person to make any such expenditures, for the purpose of evading the contribution limitations of this article, shall be guilty of a class E felony.

· Of further consideration, and perhaps more intriguing, is the fact that Mark Guma is married to Maura Keaney, Mike Bloomberg’s Field Operations Director for the 2009 mayoral race. Keaney worked with John Haggerty and was allegedly involved in the Election Day poll operations and planning that has come to light in recent weeks that involved alleged criminal activities.

· Keaney was moved out of her job with the campaign committee in February, around the same time the NY Post began reporting Haggerty’s enormous Election Day pay-off.

· It seems that Cy Vance was receiving his big pay-day from Mark Guma Communications, Inc.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The way Brad Hoylman does things

A different YouTube video, showing what happened after Brad Hoylman yanked the microphone out of Yetta Kurland's hands.

" The Hedz-Up Report continues its coverage of the community's fight to preserve the legacy of St. Vincent's Hospital, w/ full coverage of Community Board 2's, St. Vincent's Omnibus Committee Meeting. This clip features lawyer-activist, Yetta Kurland, trying to negotiate future collaborative planning sessions, only to be stripped of the microphone by CB2 board member, Brad Hoylman. "

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The circuit breakers for the power brokers

The highway and the hospital

The way Robert Moses disregarded the needs of the Greenwich Village community by proposing to build a highway through it is, almost 50 years later, very much the same way Mayor Michael Bloomberg is disregarding the needs of the same Greenwich Village community by letting more luxury condominiums go up in the Village, this time on the former space of St. Vincent's Hospital.

More and more, it seems that each power-hungry man sick with development-envy tests his limits over doomed urban renewal ideas for the vibrant and energetic Greenwich Village.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Keeping the site of St. Vincent's zoned for a hospital

Maintaining the zoning of the site of St. Vincent's Hospital is one way to attract another hospital corporation to 'adaptively reuse' the existing infrastructure already available at St. Vincent's former main building.

Why Are They Closing St. Vincent's Hospital? (Pt.10) - Hands Around St. Vincent's (Excerpt) from g. sosa on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Too Many Free Passes"

Mayor Bloomb3rg's th3rd t3rm l3gitimacy can b3 s33n on John Hagg3rty's invoic3.

Check out Suzannah B. Troy's YouTube video, in which she discusses Mayor Michael Bloomberg's $750,000 campaign finance scandal. She also discusses how the Bloomberg administration put construction and development before infrastructure ; she adds, "There were too many free passes."

For some background about Mayor Bloomberg's campaign finance scandal, please read the independent blogger Gregg Walker's viewpoint report.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wasted CityTime

CityTime is "a state of the art Orwellian time clock," says Suzannah B. Troy.

The artist and citizen activist Suzannah B. Troy has described Mayor Michael Bloomberg's time management system, called CityTime, as being a "technological nightmare and flim flam rip-off to the taxpayers." Watch her video :

I invite you to read the post authored by Ms. Troy with regard to CityTime.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where is our mayor ?

Community anger grows over St. Vincent's closing

If this video makes you angry, join us in an e-mail campaign to do something about it. Help bring back a hospital to the Lower West Side of Manhattan.

St. Vincent's E-mail Campaign

Take action now to establish a full service hospital for Lower Manhattan.

Please copy and paste the addresses and the suggested message into an e-mail. Make any modifications, to personalise your own communication.

To :;;;;;

Subject :

Coalition for a New Village Hospital

Suggested message :

Ladies and Gentlemen :

We need a hospital on the Lower West Side of Manhattan. The proposal to replace St. Vincent's Hospital with an 'urgent care center' is insufficient ; such a center will not be able to provide Level 1 trauma care, emergency rooms, critical healthcare attention, or hospital beds. Such a center would also be unable to adequately address any real public health or safety issues, were they to come up. Right now, there is no Level 1 Trauma Center below 14th Street in Manhattan, which we all know is a high risk security area. Everyone in our community is worried that people's lives are now in jeopardy, because of the longer time it will take them to be transported to the emergency rooms of alternative hospitals. There is no value we can put on human life. I am writing to you to let you know that our community is organising, and we demand a hospital in lower Manhattan.

Yours sincerely,

( If you think of new addresses to be included, or any changes that should be made, please post a comment on this blog. )

Les Parapluies de Bloomberg

We will never forget . . . , or, at least, we weren't supposed to forget so soon.

If you are worried about the lack of a hospital in Manhattan in the area stretching all along the West Side from Columbus Circle to Battery Park, join us in an e-mail campaign to do something about it. Help bring back a hospital to the Lower West Side of Manhattan.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Myths vs. Truths at St. Vincent's Hospital

If this slide show makes you angry, join us in an e-mail campaign to do something about it. Help bring back a hospital to the Lower West Side of Manhattan.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Graffiti at Grand Central

Clayton Patterson can't paint his front door, but Bloombo Dicto can put up graffiti on the steps of Grand Central Terminal.

The artist and activist Suzannah B. Troy talks plainly, and she wastes no time in getting to the point. Read her latest independent journalism exposé about how Mayor Michael Bloomberg is blurring the lines between his private and public kingdoms.

(Click on the quote box to jump to the story on her blog.)

Suzannah B. Troy, Michael Bloomberg, moving van, progress