Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Death and Life of Atlantic Yards

'If this report card is only so much as just mostly correct, then this megadevelopment, shiny, new and expensive, can be expected to have a severely blighting effect on Brooklyn and the city in which it is located.'

A detailed analysis of the proposed project for the area of Brooklyn where New York City officials and developers want to build a large complex of "mix-use" commercial buildings has been published by a noted urban planner in what he calls the, Jane Jacobs Atlantic Yards Report Card.

"This report card rates Atlantic Yards almost entirely negatively by these Jane Jacobs criteria," wrote the urban planner and attorney, Michael D. D. White.

The development project is controversial because it relies on public subsidies in order to make the risky project "economically feasible" to its group of developers, lenders, and owners. At least some of the construction of this project would be paid for by the issuance of tax-exempt bonds.

Back when the plan was approved in 2006, Mayor Bloomberg said that this project would help bring jobs and affordable housing to Brooklyn. But we all know that the only shiny new towers that ever get built in New York City are "luxury condominiums." How is that supposed to create affordable housing ?

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