Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Teachers oppose Bloomberg

'The mayor says it's his way or "the bad old days." That's a false choice. We need a system that works better than what we have.'

Arthur Goldstein, an ESL teacher at Francis Lewis High School in Queens, wrote an editorial in The New York Daily News, in which he pointed out many shortcomings of the mayoral control over the Department of Education.

Mr. Goldstein reminded us that, "A few years ago, the mayor fired two members of the Panel for Educational Policy who had the nerve to disagree with him."

"This mayor boasts about accountability. Teachers are accountable. Principals are accountable, but the only time the mayor is accountable is once every four years.

"That's not enough, particularly for a man who is prepared to spend $100 million to buy reelection and who scoffed at the voters by changing the term limits law they twice affirmed.

"Four more years of this system guarantees the privatization and destruction of public education in New York City. That's a prospect we should all oppose."

Read the entire editorial: Teacher Against Mayoral Control: All that power hasn't made things better.

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