Friday, October 30, 2009

Bloombo Dicto creams on Protesters

Occupants in the building across from where Michael Bloomberg's campaign office is situated poured an unidentified white liquid on protesters, who had gathered to demonstrate against Bloomberg's ill-fated campaign for a third term. The protesters initially believed the unidentified substance to be egg whites. Because of the way the substance ran down on the protesters' clothing, the substance was later believed to be milk.

While the demonstration was small in scale, the exact motive behind the harassment was unclear. It was also not immediately known who was responsible for battering the protesters with the unidentified liquid, but the the police who were on site primarily focused on keeping the protesters away from Bloomberg's campaign office. One protester described the impact of the protesters having had what was believed to be milk poured on them as being, "cruel."

The unfortunate occurrence of this incident is, sadly, just in keeping with the assault on the freedoms of speech and assembly under Bloombo Dicto. It is as if this mayor, under his continuing decrees and fiats, carlessly and recklessly cares naught for the rights of all people to participate in the governance of this city. The London Independent, a publication free from the local bias and partiality of New York City politics, was able to deduce of its own accord that the method used by the mayor and the New York City Council to overturn term limits could appear as, "chicanery to some."

But why should we be surprised ? The mayor is running a campaign based naught on the issues but solely on the Hollywood celebrity endorsements of Matt Damon. At the end of the day, we hear Mike Bloomberg, King of New York, proclaim to the City: "I obscenity in the milk of thy opposition to my mayoral dictatorship."

This post was corrected from its initial version, due to information concerning the location of the protesters.

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