Thursday, September 2, 2010

Henry Stern criticises Term Limits Deal

Bloomberg Charter Revision Commission : Henry Stern, Interviewed by Suzannah B. Troy, says that Two Term Limits should Take Effect Immediately. He Calls the Extension of Limits to Three Terms by the Charter Commission to amount to ''Golden Parachutes.''

Henry J. Stern, the parks dept. commissioner under each of Mayors Koch and Giuliani, was interviewed by Suzannah B. Troy about the controversial decision by the Charter Revision Commission to delay the return of limiting politicians to two elected terms.

On the blog for New York Civic, Mr. Stern has published commentary that has been critical of the Charter Revision Commission. He has focused on the logically-flawed argument that freshmen City Councilmembers first elected last year deserve to make full use of the brief existence of thr33-t3rm limits.

"The rationale behind this gift of time is that, since in 2009 the three-term limit was in effect, the candidates ran with the expectation that they would be entitled to seek three terms and the city is in good faith bound to honor their belief. Those members first elected in 2005 would require the gift of a third term to have them serve into 2017. However, the public will presumably by 2010 have voted three times (1993 and 1996 were the first two) for a two-term limit."

Mr. Stern completed his blog post with these cautionary words : ''The City of New York should not provide golden parachutes. Not in dollars, not in years. Let the new elected officials take their places, and may they serve the public, not themselves.''

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