Saturday, October 16, 2010

We Need Protection From Mayor Bloomberg

A powerful citizen's complaint against Michael Bloomberg.

Clayton Patterson describes how Mayor Michael Bloomberg is destroying New York for working-class and poor people. Mr. Patterson discusses quality of life issues, such as rent hikes, over-development, mass evictions, landlord abuses, freedom of artistic expression, parking tickets, NYU expansion, and criticisms of mainstream media.

He acknowledges the importance of bloggers, such as Suzannah B. Troy, who resist, or call for a change in, the policies of the Bloomberg administration. The net effect is a powerful citizen's complaint against Mayor Bloomberg.


  1. Bloomberg hates everything about NYC that makes it interesting and vibrant. He wants this city to be like a really dense suburb.

  2. Mayor Bloomberg shows a disdain for the average worker. We are all trying to make a living, trying to live our lives, follow our dreams, and connect with other people. He seems to resent that, and he is trying to take away all of the important underpinnings of our lives : shutting down firehouses, closing hospitals, and making MTA fares look so expensive that soon it is going to be financially sound for everybody to buy cars, so we can jam 2 or 3 million more cars into Manhattan on a daily basis. He wants more Duane Reades and less you's and me's.


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