Saturday, July 16, 2011

Barbara Ricci Racist Anti-Semitic

OP-ED : Barbara Ricci called Mayor Bloomberg a "Jewish" "Racketeer" -- what does the mayor's religion have to do with anything ? Is this a case of a racist/anti-Semitic/bigoted attack ?

Barbara Ricci has used my YouTube video to justify her attack of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, based on him being Jewish, and then Ms. Ricci went one step further with her offensive writing by trying to sexually-shaming the artist and blogger Suzannah B. Troy. As much as I support free speech, and as much as I have criticised Mayor Bloomberg for his corruption, I cannot support racisim or anti-Semitic comments. Plus, I do not understand why Ms. Ricci would personally attack Ms. Troy. None of Ms. Ricci's blog post makes any journalistic sense.

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