Friday, December 16, 2011

St. Vincent's Christmas Eve Protest

It's a Wonderful Life : Christmas Caroling for St. Vincent's Hospital

On Christmas Eve night, joins us as we welcome local residents, who are walking from house to house, singing Christmas Carols.

Activists will be standing outside the closed Bailey Savings and Loan -- I mean, the closed St. Vincent's Hospital -- where we will be singing Christmas Carols and handing out band-aids, because band-aids will be all the healthcare you'll get from the new first aid clinic that will replace St. Vincent's.

You see, old man Potter -- I mean, old man Rudin -- has bought the old St. Vincent's for pennies on the dollar, and he now awaits the New York City Council to give final approval for the luxury condo conversion of St. Vincent's. Some activists will spend the entire evening outside to demonstrate first hand how emergency care patients have been "left out in the cold" by the Rudin luxury condo conversion.

2011 St. Vincent's Protest Flyer (Dec 20 and Christmas Eve Caroling) Left Out in the Cold - Pottersville

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