Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bloomberg Philanthropies : What A Joke When It Comes To St. Vincent's Hospital

After Going on a Decade-Long Spree of Hospital Closings, New York City Michael Bloomberg is Launching a New Desperate Campaign Blitz to Resuscitate His Public Image.

Michael-Bloomberg-Facebook-Ad-Propaganda, Michael Bloomberg - Bloomberg Philanthropies - Facebook Advertising - Propaganda

Mayor Bloomberg has launched a Facebook advertising propaganda campaign to counter his growing image of a reckless chief public officer of New York City. He likes to tout his anti-smoking campaign, but how about his record on hospital closings ? If the Rudin Family's Luxury Condo Plan is approved for St. Vincent's by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, then Mayor Bloomberg would be saying that it is O.K. for an entire section of New York City to have no full-service hospital. How can this be a responsible public health care policy ? Mayor Bloomberg needs to stop the Rudin Luxury Condo Plan for St. Vincent's Hospital until a full-service hospital is created.

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