Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christine Quinn's Book Deal

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Publishing Deal So Controversial That It Needs Regulatory Approval From Conflicts Of Interest Board, Yeah Right.

In what seems like a desperate book deal by HarperCollins editor Henry Ferris, yesterday the publishing house unit of News Corp. announced that it had signed a contract to publish a semi-fictional account of New York City Speaker Christine Quinn's life story.

Rumour has it that Speaker Quinn's book deal was pitched as being on par with A Million Little Pieces, but from a New York City lesbian politician's point-of-view. The book promises to tell compelling vignettes about how closely Speaker Quinn has allowed the City Council to be co-opted by Mayor Michael Bloomberg ; long, meaty chapters will focus on how Speaker Quinn changed term limits law to allow Mayor Bloomberg, herself, and many others to run for a previously illegal third term.

Speaker Quinn's book advance must be cleared through the Conflicts of Interest Board, The New York Times reported yesterday.

Meanwhile, Spanish language rights were also sold, under the tentative title : Turnia, Turnia, Pero No Tanto.

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