Saturday, July 7, 2012

BOE Misconduct : Election Fraud ?

Troubling actions by Board of Elex members :
Rangel-Espaillat vote-count odyssey continues

''Troubling signs have now emerged that some officials at the board crossed the line in an all-out effort by the Democratic Party establishment to ensure a Rangel victory, and that the board’s staff wrongly disqualified hundreds of paper ballots,'' reported Juan Gonzalez in The New York Daily News.

Gary Tilzer, on his blog True News From Change NYC, wrote that :

Those who benefit from the BOE want the Rangel race over that is why they were counting until late into Friday evening. They hope questions raised by the election like other major corruption stories about the board are lost in the media's limited attention span and unwillingness to follow up on corruption stories. The question unanswered include: Why were 79 district recorded as zero on election night. The result of those zeros was an election night blow out of Espaillat has turned into a 2% squeaker? Why did BOE deputy chief Tim Gay meet with team Rangel and the district leaders that were supporting the congressman? Were Dominican poll workers and translators prevented from working in the primary to help Rangel? Ballot fixing by the former head of the BOE and Bribery by the HANC representative on the board involving the purchase of new voting machines are long forgotten.

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