Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bloomberg data terminal spying

Bloomberg Data Terminals - Hacking - Spying - Inside Information - Photo Illustration

By how many billions has Michael Bloomberg's personal wealth grown during his many years as mayor ? Now that we find out that his company is spying and tracking and collecting and analysing personal information from Bloomberg data terminals on Wall Street, one must wonder what is Michael Bloomberg doing with that information ? How is he using that kind of very powerful, very lucrative, very profitable information ? Is there any way to confirm whether Bloomberg News was able to access trading, portfolio, monitor, blotter, or other related systems, confirms, or private messages from the Wall Street data terminals ? According to a report in The New York Times, several hundred people employed by Michael Bloomberg had access through a shadow information gathering technique that gave these Bloomberg employees access to information about what Wall Street terminal users did on their computers. For example, the secret data being collected included who logged into which data terminal and when, and what kinds of functions data terminal users performed. This latest scandal has people on Wall Street worried about how secure their data really is, if they use Bloomberg data terminals. But the worries and accusations of computer tracking and information collecting also extended to Bloomberg data terminals used by the Federal Reserve, as well, according to The Times report. Left unsaid is whether there are any mobile Bloomberg apps that work in connection with the Bloomberg data terminals that may facilitate phone hacking ? Is any of this any different from how Mayor Bloomberg might be using inside government information to make money at Bloomberg Government ? Hmmmmmmmm...????

Mobile Apps Work With Bloomberg Data Terminals - Computer Tracking Concerns

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