Friday, June 28, 2013

Bill Thompson Sr. To Be LICH Monitor

Last week-end, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn closed on the 2014 city budget without making any provisions to save Long Island College Hospital (LICH). Because she has abdicated all sense of municipal leadership over the collapse of strategic public resources, such as hospital closings, to a laissez-faire belief that she's adopted from her close associations with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the right wing group Partnership for New York City, she is creating opportunities for other leaders to step forward in this political and leadership vacuum.

And that's exactly what happened yesterday, when the father of one of her challengers for this year's Democratic mayoral primary election, Bill Thompson, was appointed by a court to serve as a monitor over LICH.

Let's see if the Thompson family's political ambitions will be strong enough reason for New York City's leaders to perform the political triage necessary to save LICH. If the Thompson family succeeds, it will only draw attention to how Speaker Quinn has stood idly by and allowed 10 New York City hospitals to close or downsize during her speakership, including the spectacular 2010 closure of St. Vincent's Hospital in Speaker Quinn's very own City Council district.

As a side note, what does it say about Speaker Quinn's drive to overturn term limits in 2008 to allow Mayor Bloomberg to run for a third term ? The reason we were given was that Mayor Bloomberg was going to help us with the economy. What has the Bloomberg-Quinn administration done to save any of the 10 New York City hospitals that have closed or downsized since 2006 ?

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