Monday, March 8, 2010

BloombergForLife, CIoeBuckingham, et al.

A notorious, yet anonymous, YouTube cyber stalker is believed to continue to harass the activist, political blogger, and artist Suzannah B. Troy.

Since Google refuses to take any action, Troy has turned to the empowerment tools of the internet : by launching a new Google blog in an effort to out the YouTube stalker who goes by many different aliases, among them : BloombergForLife, CIoeBuckingham, LordCarruthers, hoochee002, etc.

I invite you to read Troy's first posting on her courageous new blog.

Troy has the courage to speak out for the many of us, who were systematically stalked, harassed, and intimidated by the cyber stalker.


  1. And troy is just plain nuts too . Talk to anyone who actually knows her in the East Village

  2. this woman is not couragous .She is a true ,and utter narcissist who demands constant attention but will not allow any critiscism at all . When she does allow comments She removes any comment that she doesn't like and damns those who make them as stalkers .this only encourages even more exteme attacks on ms. Troy .There is nothing couragous about ms Troy's behavior.

    Ms Troy wants to be the center of attention that is a public figure but is not willing to deal with the ordinary critiscism that goes along with being such a public person.
    Ms. Troy is a pathetic , tormented individual that does not have the capacity to deal with the world at large and the great variety of people in it .She is also hyperactive and as with such individuals , miscomprehends much of the world around her and also what is said to her . She is to be pittied .She is seen as a "chronic ", that is frequent, regular complainer , by the police dept.Most in the East Village who actually know her refer to her as the Mad woman of Tompkins square Park .

    you are standing up for some one who is just a plain Nut . We could go on and on with fact on this woman . We could tell you things like how she was thrown out of her condo because she obssesed on attacking the door man and a postal employee .

    She is able to carry on as she does because her parents support her including having purchased recently a new condo in Williamsburg for her .Ms Troy could not possibly support her self . With out her parents she would be in the streets or in an institution .She could not possibly survive on her own since that would require that she be able to deal with other people which she simply can not do in even a minimally functional manner .

    And since you are obviously in touch with ms Troy you must know that we have an axe to grind with this woman that has been attacking us for the last 2+ years .We have said nothing about her until today .We are tired of taking her crap and are now in conference with our legal representives considering action against ms Troy . Miss Troy is obssesed with attacking us because we simply told her to quit stalking us.
    We knew msTroys history with others . She left multiple phone messages and Emails everyday obssesing on those who in her warped mind had somehow wronged her . We put up with her for 9 months fearing what she might do if we disrespected , criticised or rejected her.

    This problem all began with Ms. Troy ,out of the blue, one day sending us an email telling us that she loved us and that seeing us lifted her spirits .We had previously 2 or 3 months earlier talked to ms Troy 3 or 4 times in the street . From that day on our life has been pure hell thanks to msTroy.

    As to the baby thing that you must also know about ; it was an effort to scare ms Troy away .We were sick of ms Troy . We were afraid though that any explicit rejection ,any effort to push her away, would result in exactly the nightmare that we live with today with regularly damning blog attacks on us and letters to NYPD .Finally in desperate frustration and anger we told ms Troy to quit stalking us . With ms Troy we had seen all of this before . .

    You really should be a bit more cautious , selective about who you champion . .


'' The more you attune yourself from your centre to the centre in everything, the more you will find that there is a sympathetic interrelationship in the universe that enables perfect understanding of all things. '' ~ Swami Kriyananda