Saturday, March 27, 2010

Budget Cuts Crime Wave of 2010

Has anybody reminded Bloombo Dicto that he created these Budget Cuts, in the first place ?

"A disturbing spike in murders and other serious crimes is leading city officials to believe the NYPD’s famed 'blue line' is growing way too thin," The New York Post has reported.

"...[T]he NYPD's shrinking manpower level -- from 41,000 cops in 2001 down to about 35,000 today -- could be playing a factor in the increased crime rates. The city expects to shed around 1,300 officers in the upcoming fiscal year through attrition, and also is threatening to lay off a whopping 3,150 cops if the state slashes related funding."

For his part, Mayor Bloomberg reacted with surprise, as if he had nothing to do with the Budget Cuts Crime Wave of 2010. "We have fewer police officers than we did before," the mayor told The New York Post. "More cops always helps."

He sees no connection between his draconian budget cuts or indifferent policies in the most critical services needed by society -- for example, adequate numbers of cops and firefighters, emergency rooms and hospitals, and affordable and timely public transit -- and the quality of our lives.

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  1. We have no idea what the real crime rates are for less serious offenses. Under Bloomberg, the NYPD makes it very difficult for a victim to get a police report. Crime stats are based on police reports.


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