Saturday, May 15, 2010

Starve the Beast : Mike Bloomberg's Scorched Earth Policy

Medical emergencies loom large following St. Vincent's shady bankruptcy

Residents of the Lower Westside of Manhattan have been left to wonder how they will receive emergency medical care, now that St. Vincent's Hospital has been closed. The reality is that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been engaged in an active campaign to eliminate the numbers of such important first responders as firefighters and police officers. Now, there is a real and valid concern whether he is also targeting medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses.

As has been reported by NY1, at the time that the Board of Trustees voted to close the storied hospital, St. Vincent's Hospital, with 400 inpatient beds, had been employing 3,500 people and had been providing life-saving treatments in its emergency room to about 60,000 patients per year.

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