Saturday, May 22, 2010

Teflon Mike

"Nothing's his fault," says Suzannah B. Troy.

Thousands of residents have been ordered to stop using their apartment balconies after the Department of Buildings has found that the balconies at 16 high rise buildings to be unsafe. The Department of Buildings, a New York City agency, has no credibility in the area of public safety, because it always seems to wait until after cranes collapse or balconies give way before it begins to act. And where is Mayor Michael Bloomberg in all of this ? In her latest YouTube video, Ms. Troy concludes that, "No one's holding him accountable." In fact, Ms. Troy has invented a new nickname for the mayor, "Teflon Mike."

Since its release, Ms. Troy's ''Teflon Mike'' video has been carried by at least the SoHo Journal and this blog.

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  1. Every reporter and editor has to be afraid that he will buy out their employers and add them to his evil media empire.


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