Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bloomberg's 9/11 Hypocrisy

Even as he tries to lay-off firefighters and close firehouses, NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg accuses Congress of disrespecting 9/11 first responders.

''Mayor Michael Bloomberg is lashing out against Congress’s decision to drop a bill to provide health coverage for September 11th first responders,'' reported NY1.

''This is an attack on America,'' Bloomberg said. ''People that went in for rescue and recovery, it’s Americans trying to help Americans, and Congress is unwilling to stand up. They preach patriotism and when it comes down to it, partisan politics.''

While the mayor criticizes Congress for failing to pass a $7.4 billion measure that would have provided health coverage for September 11th first responders, the mayor is, at the same time, trying to layoff firefighters, who provide a critical level of support for public safety and national security here in New York City.

Listen to the new Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith talk about how the Bloomberg administration believe that laying off firefighters, cutting their retirement benefits, and closing down more firehouses are important goals during the remainder of Mayor Bloomberg’s ill-fated and karmically-doomed third term.

And while New York Representative Anthony Weiner may go ballistic on his colleagues for opposing healthcare for September 11th heroes, who is keeping the mayor accountable for undercutting civil defenses and emergency preparedness measures here in New York City ?

Just look at how petty and small-minded the mayor can be towards FDNY : his disdain toward first responders and rescue workers is inconsistent with how he is now, all of a sudden, criticising Congress and questioning the patriotism of Democrats.

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