Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Manifest Destiny

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, whose hobby is using the City Council to skirt the City Charter, and socialite Amanda Burden, whose own hobby is city planning, are modern day imperialists, only they operate in New York, where they are abusing eminent domain to rob Native New Yorkers of their land and property rights. Just like ethno-centric European settlers, who rounded up and moved Native Americans off of their lands, Mayor Bloomberg and City Planner Burden are the source of massive displacement of Native New Yorkers.

Present day city planning projects and policies are having serious consequences for native New Yorkers : look at the legions of people, who have had to flee from the unaffordable rents of East Village apartments, only to have to resettle in other area codes. Look at how entire swaths of Manhattan no longer have a hospital ; the Lower West Side used to be served by St. Vincent's Hospital, before other megamillionaires, the Rudin family, began to salivate at the idea of converting the former campus of St. Vincent's into still yet more luxury condominious. How many steam pipe explosions, Con Edison manhole fires, the Queens blackout of 2006, construction crane collapses, dangerous sidewalk electrocutions, or subway budget blackholes have happened under Mayor Bloomberg and City Planner Burden ? When will enough be enough ?

To add insult to injury, now comes City Planner Burden, who will be speaking tomorrow at what would be an unconscionable venue of the National Museum of the American Indian. But remember, these people so easily rob us of our property rights, so they naturally have no conscious.

The title of the speaking seminar is : The Changing Face of New York’s Neighborhoods: A Population Update. Meanwhile, I can tell them that the city's population is changing, precisely because the population is fleeing as a direct and deliberate outcome of the mayor's and city planner's cold and heartless city planning policies and real estate development deals.

Seating at this disgraceful public event is naturally limited and subject to screening by the mayor's office, but just in case you can lie your way in to heckle at the city planner, the mayor is asking you to call his Special Projects Office at (212) 788-2569, or send an e-mail to The mayor's office is asking you to please include your name, agency and phone number.

With their displacing real estate development deals and construction crane accidents, Mayor Bloomberg and City Planner Burden are resettling Native New Yorkers either into other boroughs, into New Jersey, or into early graves, therefore making more land in Manhattan available for homesteading by wealthier, white Americans.

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