Monday, August 16, 2010

Throw Out the Bums in Albany

msm ignores this year's political challengers.

A courageous politician, Doug Biviano, is campaigning for election to the New York State Assembly, and he has produced a YouTube video in which he asked the mainstream media to report on candidates challenging New York State incumbents.

In his video, Mr. Biviano celebrated the spirit of the father of modern journalism, John Peter Zenger, to solve the dysfunction and corruption that is evident in New York State government. Mr. Biviano is challenging Joan Millman in Brooklyn's 52nd Assembly District. His main campaign promise seems to be to ''fight corruption,'' but no mainstream media outlet seems interested in his platform.

So far, Suzannah B. Troy, WNYC, and The New York Daily News have begun to report about Mr. Biviano's noble campaign.

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