Monday, August 2, 2010

City Hall Park tree protest arrest

A tree-hugging protester was arrested in City Hall Park this morning.

In an excerpt of a video from this morning's demonstration, an environmental activist named Jessica Sunflower is shown having climbed a tree in City Hall Park. After police and security show up on the scene, she is shown climbing down from the tree on a ladder. Later, she is seen restrained and being escorted by police off the park grounds. Apparently, she was arrested.

According to information posted on the excerpted demonstration video on YouTube, the protesters were part of a group calling themselves Times Up! The protesters were trying to draw ''attention to the new rules being drafted by the City that allows gardens to be legally transferred to development, risking hundreds of gardens being bulldozed.''

In the description of the YouTube video, Times Up! volunteer Benjamin Shepard is quoted as saying, ''We need to preserve what's left of our green space, and find ways to cultivate more. Not impose rules which would destroy what's left of them!''.

Also in the YouTube description, Times Up! Director Bill DiPaola provided the following statement : "This is an opportunity for Bloomberg and the City Council to demonstrate they appreciate green space as a resource for global cooling and community development."

Already, Suzannah B. Troy has published has published the City Hall Park demonstration video on your blog.

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