Friday, December 31, 2010

NYTimes Blows Off Snowpocalypse

Public Anger At Tone Deaf Mayor and Impotent Emergency Management is Questioned By The New York Times. Does Public Outrage Do Any Good, asked reporter Michael Wilson ?

The New York Times called the outrage at the lack of the Bloomberg administration's blizzard preparation an exaggerated reaction.

''But is there a point when the outrage itself becomes outrageous? After all, it was an awful lot of snow. Or is outrage something every New Yorker needs to experience to pull through? Can we all learn to stop complaining and love the plows?''

Meanwhile, let's run a reality check : the outrage was based on the public's fear of abandonment by the Bloomberg administration following the natural disaster. '' By comparison, " Death of newborn baby among several blizzard tragedies as city is accused of 'dropping the ball' '' was the headline in The New York Daily News. New Yorkers had reason to fear that the government response to the post-Christmas Blizzard would resemble the government response to Hurricane Katrina, namely, no response.

Seems like The Times just might be as tone deaf as Mayor Bloomberg.

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  1. Does he run ads during his campaigns in the Times? He bought off a lot of other media outlets by doing this.


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