Monday, January 3, 2011

Another NYC Technology Contract Scandal

Comptroller John Liu Calls “TIME-OUT” On $286 Million Emergency Communications Transformation Contract.

In the wake of the CityTime scandal, New York City Comptroller John Liu today called on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to immediately review the Emergency Communications Transformation Program (ECTP).

In a letter written to Mayor Bloomberg by Comptroller Liu, the Comptroller's office rejected a $286 million contract request that would have nearly doubled the initial ECTP contract cost of $380 million. The new contract request would have raised the ECTP budget to $666 million.

Below is the latest YouTube from Suzannah B. Troy, about the latest New York City technology contract scandal to emerge under the Bloomberg administration.

Click on the link to read the news release issued today by the Comptroller's office about the latest New York City technology contract scandal.

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