Sunday, March 27, 2011

For Bloomberg and Bush, Crotch is the Focus of Pictures

At 2011 Inner Circle, Leather Straps Focus Your Attention on Fluffed Crotch, Puffed Media Coverage

Readers of The New York Daily News are flipping out, because the newspaper reported that Mayor Michael Bloomberg swung from a chandelier in a spandex body suit but could not report that Mayor Bloomberg was booed at the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire ceremony just the day before. Read three scathing comments that were posted in a row :

nyc_tuber : 4:36:14 AM : Mar 27, 2011 : So we're supposed to like this fascist billionaire who stole a third term and sold NYC out to the highest bidder and screwed over police, firefighters, schools, the homeless, and everyone else because he puts on a wig? Crawl back under your rock Mike and take your henchwoman Christine Quinn with you.

hjo4 : 8:05:16 AM : Mar 27, 2011 : The NYDN tells us about Mayor Nero er,I mean Bloomberg antics while parts of NYC is burning. Also this paper fail to mention: Go to youtube Bloomberg booed Triangle shirt factory. The media is covering for him and refused to report he got booed non stop.]-- Why not the NY media is an extension of the Mayor Office,nothing more.It's almost like living in a Communist country.The media parrots the Mayor and nothing more. The public is wise to the media.

KingJay : 8:44:03 AM : Mar 27, 2011 : So the Daily News and Bloomberg have now decided that THIS IS FUNNY? REALLY ?!? Not only do you ingore the people at every opportunity, not only do you slap the people in the face with your Bike lanes and unqualified croniies, but NOT IT'S A FK"N JOKE ?!?!?!? Impeach this P.O.S. NOW !! This is a blatant "Go Screw Yourself New York" Glad this rag of a paper finds it so G.D. funny

Meanwhile, does anybody see similarities between Mayor Bloomberg's photoshoot and President Bush's ?

Michael Bloomberg,Crotch Shot,Mission Accomplished,Spider Man,Leather Straps,Inner Circle

George Bush,Crotch Shot,Mission Accomplished,Leather Straps

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