Saturday, March 26, 2011

2010 Census Undercounts New York City Immigrants Because of Stop-And-Frisk Fears

Mayor Bloomberg is angry that immigrants were not counted in the 2010 census, but immigrants are hiding from any government officials, because of the Mayor's relentless and invasive ''stop and frisk'' operation.

The official results of the 2010 census show that there are less than 8.2 million people living in New York City, The New York Daily News reported.

Preliminary analysis shows that the outcome of the 2010 census will result in the loss of two two Congressional seats for New York state.

A low census count not only results in the likely loss of Congressional seats for the entire state, but the state and cities face the possibility of receiving less federal funds that are calculated based on population.

''City officials said the census likely missed new immigrants, including those who are here illegally or are living in illegally subdivided homes,'' reported The Daily News.

Meanwhile, as the state and cities face the prospects of a never-ending budget crisis, nobody is looking to the impact of ''stop and frisk'' policies on minorities as a determining factor in the low census count and its impact on our shrinking government resources.

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