Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brookfield Properties Homophobia Video

No comment from openly lesbian New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to the homophobic comments and attitude by the private security guards employed Brookfield Properties. An unidentified security guard used the pejorative epithet of ''faggot'' against Joey Boots.

Note that at 0:24 appears Deputy Inspector Edward Winski, the chief of the First Precinct of Manhattan. An anonymous source said that many of the private security guards that work for Brookfield Properties are off-duty or retired officers from the NYPD. And because Brookfield Properties hires off-duty and retired police officers, it gives Brookfield the inside line of being able to pick up a cellphone and reach a direct line to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. For his part, Mayor Michael Bloomberg appealed a favourable gay marriage ruling in 2005, because he opposed marriage equality for LGBT New Yorkers.

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