Thursday, November 1, 2012

Does Bloomberg Only Care About Manhattan and the Marathon ?

Noreen, from Dyker Heights, called into NY1 The Call tonight. She said that the impression that people, who live in Staten Island and Queens, where there was major damage from Hurricane Sandy, have is that Mayor Michael Bloomberg only cares about meeting the emergency needs of the people in Manhattan. Noreen also said that Mayor Bloomberg only cares about using the city's limited resources to make sure that the New York City Marathon takes place, instead of helping the rescue and relief efforts of those residents, who are suffering the most, who are on the coastline.

Noreen's call followed an emotional call from Karen, from Tottenville, Staten Island, who said that thieves were dressing up as firefighters and Con Edison workers, so that they can rob items from destroyed houses.

Here is a YouTube video, which shows that Mayor Bloomberg has turned a deaf ear to hospital patients, as well :

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