Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Term Limits Lawyer Quits

Lawyer "aggressively promoted Mr. Bloomberg’s controversial effort in 2008 to repeal the city’s term-limits law"

Anthony W. Crowell, the general counsel to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has resigned to accept the deanship and presidency of New York Law School, The New York Times reported. Mr. Crowell joins other top officials, who are leaving Mayor Bloomberg's ill-fated and karmically-doomed third term in office.

So far, Mr. Bloomberg’s relatively rocky third term has seen the departures of several top lieutenants once considered crucial to the smooth operation of the city.

Kevin Sheekey and Edward Skyler, longtime advisers who served in a variety of top positions, departed soon after the mayor won re-election in 2009. They were later joined by Robert V. Hess, who supervised homeless services, and James Anderson, the mayor’s communications director.

Mr. Crowell is accepting the top position with a sketchy law school with a shady reputation of expensive tuition rates, poor school rankings, and horrible job placement.

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