Monday, August 20, 2012

Do Mike Bloomberg And NYPD Use Intimidation Against Bloggers ?

Watch as how NYPD Detective Lynch guided political blogger Suzannah B. Troy off the sidewalk and onto the street, and then watch as how Det. Lynch called Ms. Troy out for being on the very street he lured her off of.

Ms. Troy then called NYPD Internal Affairs to file a complaint, according to her blog post about how NYPD use intimidation against, give false information to, and withhold identification from, bloggers.

In the second video, Ms. Troy shouts some of her criticisms to Mayor Michael Bloomberg of the corruption she says has taken place in respect of the large and expensive IT technology deals under the Bloomberg administration.

"NYPD Det. Lynch who refused to identify himself and was abusive as well as physically intimidating," Ms. Troy wrote on her blog.

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