Thursday, August 9, 2012

NYPD Arrest OWS Activists at Gracie Mansion

At a protest outside Gracie Mansion, over 50 activists from Occupy Wall Street participated in a demonstration late yesterday afternoon against Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Members of the #OWS Disability Caucus and #Queering OWS joined in this demonstration. Activists denounced Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "1% policies, which continue to marginalize New Yorkers of all backgrounds." According to reports on Facebook, NYPD disrupted the peaceful protest.

Protesters yelled "Shame !" to the police officers. "One of our members was arrested without warning for apparently not moving fast enough crossing the street," one of the activists posted on Facebook.

"Unlawful arrests are still happening." In a subsequent update, the same activists wrote, "They were demanding the mayor uphold the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) instead of ignoring it. People were also there demanding more wheelchair accessible cabs from Bloomberg. 7 or 8 were arrested in total. 3 or 4 protesters early on and after an almost hourlong standoff with police in the street, 4 protesters in wheelchairs . The 4 in wheelchairs were taken away in Access-A-Ride vans. There were livestreamers there ..."

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