Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inconvenient Truth about Michael Bloomberg's ads

Don't vote for Mayor Michael Bloomberg !!! Part 1

"Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks that he can use his power and enormous wealth to fool New Yorkers into thinking he actually cares about the poor and middle class. In his two terms as mayor he has done absolutely nothing but cut funding to every facility that the middle class and poor depended upon to get by and has raised every tax he could get his hands on. He has rewritten the law by increasing term limits so he can run for mayor and possibly serve a 3rd term, New Yorkers had absolutely no say in this decision. This man has shown New York just how heartless you have to be to be a billionaire without winning the lotto by taking everything and giving back nothing. Don't vote for this man, he is transforming New York into a tourist attraction and a resort for himself and his fellow millionaire and billionaire friends. This advertisement is on me Mayor Mike Bloomberg."

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