Friday, June 15, 2012

NYPD Violate Freedom of Assembly

NYPD Continue To Arrest Protesters Engaged In Acts Of Free Assemblies.

NYPD arrested numerous protesters Wednesday night during a march organised in New York City to show solidarity with the student strikes in Quebec.

''One of the men arrested was kicked in the head by an officer while he was being held on the ground, two witnesses said. The police said that five people were arrested, all on charges of disorderly conduct, though this reporter saw at least seven people who appeared to be arrested,'' wrote the reporter Colin Moynihan, for The New York Times.

... For the most part, the mood of the two-hour march, which wound through Greenwich Village as far north as 14th Street, was calm, but there were a few moments of conflict, as police officers arrested people who they said had stepped off sidewalks at various spots and gone into roadways.

At one point, the marchers crossed streets several times as they circled from sidewalk to sidewalk at Mulry Square, where several streets intersect, tying up traffic, including police scooters. After more than five minutes of circling, a police commander prevented the group from continuing its tactic, and the marchers moved west with little complaint.

Moments later, though, according to two witnesses, an officer kicked a man who had been flung to the ground and was being arrested. ...

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