Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stop and Frisk ; Hypocrisy and Kiss

One week after Christine Quinn marches in protest against Mayor Michael Bloomberg, she kisses both his cheeks (twice). No surprise.

Yesterday, "Mr. Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn, surrounded by many members of the council, sealed the deal with a traditional handshake and four kisses at a news conference at City Hall," reported The Wall Street Journal.

It was only last week, though, that Mayor Bloomberg was the target of a massive protest, which called out the billionaire mayor for defending a racist police policy known as ''stop and frisk,'' which targets Black and Hispanic men.

All the way in the U.K., The Guardian newspaper published a major news report, which embarrassed Mayor Bloomberg.

One week, Speaker Quinn will march against the mayor for supporting a racist police policy, which ruins the lives of Black and Hispanic men who are innocent, and, in the very next week, Speaker Quinn is shaking the mayor's hands, smiling for the obligatory photo-op, and kissing the mayor four times.

If Speaker Quinn really wanted to do something about ending ''stop and frisk,'' she would subpoena the NYPD to disclose the annual cost of the police department's controversial racist police, and then she would cut the NYPD's budget by that amount. But only a political leader, who really cared about solving social issues, would take on a practical strategy. Instead, we have Speaker Quinn going along to get along.

This is what situational ethics looks like.

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