Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bloomberg hiked our taxes in 2002 by 18.5%

Flashback to 2002: Record NYC property tax hikes -- requested by Mayor Bloomberg !

New York City property owners and tenants swallowed a bitter pill in 2002 after the New York City Council passed an 18.5% property tax hike aimed at shoring up a multibillion dollar budget shortfall. Mayor Michael Bloomberg had originally proposed a 25% property tax increase, but critics had blasted his budget plan as outrageous.

At the request of Mayor Bloomberg, the New York City Council introduced and passed on November 25, 2002, a law to increase property taxes in New York City beginning in fiscal year 2003. The law was sponsored by council members David I. Weprin, Leroy G. Comrie, Jr., Tracy L. Boyland by request of the Mayor.

As you decide in 2009 who to vote for, here is a reminder of how the votes were cast :

Gifford Miller - Yes
Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. - Yes
Tony Avella - No
Maria Baez - Yes
Charles Barron - Yes
Tracy L. Boyland - Yes
Gale A. Brewer - Yes
Yvette D. Clarke - Yes
Leroy G. Comrie, Jr. - Yes
James E. Davis - No
Ruben Diaz - Yes
Erik Martin Dilan - Yes
Simcha Felder - Yes
Lewis A. Fidler - Yes
Helen D. Foster - Yes
Dennis P. Gallagher - No
James F. Gennaro - Excused
Alan J. Gerson - Yes
Eric N. Gioia - Yes
Martin J. Golden - Excused
Sara M. Gonzalez - Yes
Robert Jackson - Yes
Allan W. Jennings, Jr. - No
Melinda R. Katz - Yes
G. Oliver Koppell - Yes
Bill de Blasio - Yes
Andrew J. Lanza - No
John C. Liu - Yes
Margarita Lopez - Excused
Miguel Martinez - Yes
Michael E. McMahon - Yes
Hiram Monserrate - Yes
Eva S. Moskowitz - Yes
Michael C. Nelson - Yes
Bill Perkins - Yes
Madeline T. Provenzano - Yes
Christine C. Quinn - Yes
Domenic M. Recchia, Jr. - Yes
Philip Reed - Excused
Diana Reyna - Yes
Joel Rivera - Yes
James Sanders, Jr. - Yes
Larry B. Seabrook - Yes
Helen Sears - Yes
Jose M. Serrano - Yes
Kendall Stewart - Yes
Peter F. Vallone, Jr. - Yes
Albert Vann - Yes
David I. Weprin - Yes
David Yassky - Yes
James S. Oddo - No

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