Friday, August 7, 2009

Dump Bloomberg now !


• DISPLACING COMMUNITIES OF COLOR – Michael Bloomberg has passed more rezoning plans than the past 6 mayors combined, assisting developers to build luxury high-rises in low-income communities of color in Harlem, Chinatown/ the LES (Lower East Side), Sunset Park, and Willets Point, while protecting wealthy white areas like Riverdale, the East Village, Park Slope, and Little Neck.

• The City’s passing of a racist rezoning plan has already accelerated the destruction of Chinatown and the LES. Immediately after, the City announced selling NYCHA lots in the LES, and used city agencies to evict building after building of long-time residents.

• STEALING FROM THE POOR TO FEED THE RICH – Bloomberg is still spending city money to subsidize his developer friends while slashing jobs and resources for our health, education, public housing and other services. He has called for city budget cuts totaling $1.4 billion. As a result, we have seen hospitals, bus lines and firehouses closed - mainly in neighborhoods of color.

• “WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL BILLIONAIRE” - Under Bloomberg’s administration the gap between rich and poor in NYC has grown to be the 9th largest in the world, on par with Nairobi, Kenya. New Yorkers with the lowest incomes are people of color whose standard of living and life expectancy are comparable to those of the poor of China and India. But since becoming mayor, Bloomberg has become the wealthiest man in NYC, gaining $13 billion or more in personal wealth.

• BLOOMBERG HAS SOLD AWAY N.Y. CITY to foreign and domestic investors, sucking money, resources, and jobs out of NYC and allowing the city to sink into recession. He has sunk our community and our city into disaster levels of debt that we working people now have to pay for !

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