Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michael Bloomberg New York City Term Limits

Update! I invite everybody to read this excellent post by Suzannah B. Troy about the questionable ethics of Simcha Felder.

New York City is on the wrong track !

I have no confidence in Mayor Bloomberg's ability to lead the city out of the recession.

Mayor Bloomberg wants to sanitize New York City by imposing limits on the use of vehicles and bicycles, imposing tolls on bridges, building luxury condos that nobody can afford, and by forcing the inhumane deportation of homeless people (can we call them refugees?), who are being displaced by Mayor Bloomberg as an election year ploy.

From : NY Times: Poll Finds Lukewarm Support for Bloomberg :

According to David W. Chen and Marjorie Connelly (6/9/2009), a poll conducted by The New York Times, NY1 and Cornell University suggests that a majority of New Yorkers think Bloomberg does not deserve another term.

As fear increases in response to the economic downturn, confidence in Bloomberg's ability to lead the city out of the recession has plummeted. This is a troubling sign for Bloomberg, whose entire justification for seeking to circumvent the will of the people as expressed in the term limit law was that his business expertise would be indispensable in these tough times.

According to the polls, 51 percent of New Yorkers believe the city is on the wrong track; over one-third were not able to answer when asked what they thought was the best thing Bloomberg has done as mayor.

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